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  1. The Group is unrestricted and uncensored so every age and status is accepted as long as the person isn't younger than 16 years old.
  2. Sexual and relationship vulgar languages are allowed but should be used with courtesy
  3. The admin will remove every member who is inactive consistently for two weeks in the group but who is active on WhatsApp. The person will only be added back after a fine of N500 recharge card (the network to be chosen by the admin) has been paid
  4. Broadcasts not connected or related to love, sex, relationship and marriage topics and issues are forbidden
  5. Members can ask questions and post in the group at any and every time of the day (randomly). So we advise you to mute the group for 1 year
  6. We will not condone any attack on the person of any member of the group. Solve the problem, not the person;
  7. A member may be assigned a private counsellor of Alright's Passion who will have a one-on-one relationship with the member outside the group for support and counselling purposes (only on request). Such counselling shall be for free unless special Counselling or therapy is needed. In such a case, the counsellor has the sole discretion to give his or her chargers, as the case applies
  8. Every member of the group is required to promote the group, its activities and counsellors on other platforms
  9. Every member should make deliberate efforts to participate in at least, one group activity every week
  10. The Alright's Passion has the reserved rights to add or remove any member from the group for any violation of the rules of this group or generally accepted morality
  11. Sexual topics shouldn't be raised or discussed beyond 7 pm unless the Admin agrees otherwise. This rule is to help people from crowding their minds with explicit sexual content before bedtime to help those dealing with masturbation or porn.
  12. Every Monday is our Sabbath (unless the Admin says otherwise). Accordingly, there shall be no posting or activities in the group on Mondays. The purpose is to allow people to catch up with activities in the group (that they missed) and allow the Admin and counsellors to rest. Breaking this rule amounts to a ₦200 recharge card (network to be determined by the admin) fine. Until the fine is paid, the offender may be removed from the group
  13. For courtesy purposes, abbreviations are not allowed in the group. Also, interruptions with unrelated broadcasts, unconnected posts, and comments (except questions) are not permitted during classes
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