Alright's Passion

What we do, who we are & How we do what we do.

All we do in counselling is to assist people in marshalling their strengths so that they can confront and deal with their lives effectively.

To be the biggest multi-cultural network of volunteer sex and relationship Christian counsellors and therapists helping people through diverse means; ensuring that our counselling is balanced, culturally relevant, and biblically accurate.

To help people resolve sex, relationship, family life, and mental health matters through counselling and therapy.

P. A. C. B 

  • Professionalism

  • Accountability

  • Community, and 

  • Balance

Since July 6, 2008, Alright’s Passion has operated as a volunteer professional and non-professional Christian faith-based sex and relationship counselling organization. Our professional counselors are those who have professional certifications in clinical and non-clinical counseling and therapy, while our non-professional counselors are those who have pieces of training and experiences and do religious, social, and community counseling. 

Consequently, in 2018, “The Alright’s Passion” was registered under Part A of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990. In 2021, it incorporated “Alright’s Passion Counsellors Network” under Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2021 with the following objectives:

  1. To be a not-for-profit voluntary association of sex, relationship, marriage, family and mental health Christian Counsellors and Therapists;
  2. To be a multi-cultural network and association of volunteer sex and relationship Christian counsellors and therapists, helping people through diverse means; ensuring that our counselling is balanced, culturally relevant, and accurate to the Bible;
  3. To be an association where her members can connect, educate, and support each other in achieving respective and collective counselling and therapy goals;
  4. To be a para-church ministry with the goal of preserving won souls from sexual and immoral decay, and also ensuring emotional healing and mental wellness in the body of Christ;

As a Faith-Based Organization (FBO), we teach and preach Christian truth on sex and relationship matters that are applicable in the local contexts, ensuring that our theologies and doctrines are both true to the Bible and relevant to the local culture. 

Through a direct request to us in written form or a direct request from us to the proposed/prospective counsellor. 

We counsel through best known professional and ethical counselling practices which could either be private or group sessions. We also minister to people through the power of the Holy Ghost where such is requested and required. 

All counselling through Alright’s Passion is in line with the Bible and the civil laws and customs of the counsellee. However, one-on-one or group counselling sessions with our counsellors outside an Alright’s Passion programme/platform is based on the rules and terms of the counsellor’s private and corporate practice.

Through voluntary donations (including but not limited to offerings and tithes), membership fees, levies, fines, and registration fees etc.

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What client's have To Say

Samuel Oluwoyo
Samuel Oluwoyo
The first meeting with Mr Alright was really insightful! Looking forward to the next!
Liza Beth
Liza Beth
I love the attention, the professionalism
Segun Front
Segun Front
The experience is so nice…
Yusuf Aliyah
Yusuf Aliyah
I love ur teachings and counselling sir, you are like an angel to teenagers and a lot of people out there. I love the way you interact with people especially teenagers. You are flexible and easy to talk to.
halimat okeji
halimat okeji
I appreciate how highly educative and frequently evaded topics are analysed with great mastery and simplicity. Kudos👍

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