(How to be like God in your relationship Pt. 4)

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Your dictionary may say LOVE is a noun, but in relationship and marriage, it is a verb! LOVE is an action word; it is made up of WORDS and ACTIONS. If it is only WORDS or only ACTIONS, the other person may not be able to interpret it as love.

LOVE expressed only in words is meaningless speech, empty poetry and can make the heart sick. Let us not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions (1John 3:18NLT)

LOVE expressed only in ACTIONS may be interpreted as a trick, mischief or manipulation. And do not forget that the Spirit of manipulation is actually witch-craft. LOVE IS WHAT I KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU THINK. I want to feel it in my own language.

And before another can actually decode your love, it has to be WORDS mixed with ACTIONS. Let us not merely say that we love…; let us show the truth by our actions (1John 3:18 NLT).
In reality, LOVE is confusing and misunderstood if it is only WORDS or only ACTIONS. It could be brain-washing or just flattering when love is expressed only in words. It could be interpreted as pity, general generosity, manipulation or “tricks to get me” when expressed only in actions. Besides, if you aren’t mischievous, why would you only TELL ME without DOING ME?
I used to say how she meant much and that I valued her, but funny enough, she wanted me to still say the I LOVE YOU. I felt it was too common and generally (mis)used. But I was wrong when she asked “why is that you’ve never told me I LOVE YOU?” She was right? That was several years ago and I’ve learned big time from it. ACTIONS were insufficient. Not enough.

In fact, the ACTIONS confused her. ACTIONS are supposed to support the words. Remember THE 7×70 PRINCIPLE? Watch out for the link below. God does not just say He loves, He acts in line with it. That was why John confessed 1John 1:1-3.

I don’t get; why should he say I LOVE YOU and you reply ME TOO every time?

What is wrong in you replying I LOVE YOU TOO – that’s more realistic and appropriate I think. If you have it, feel it, mean it, then SAY IT! Every girl (and dude too) wants to hear I LOVE YOU most especially from that (or intending) significant other. It sounds like fresh commitment every time said.
Do something. LOVE IS WHAT I KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU THINK. “Let us not love (merely) in theory or in speech but in deed and in…practice” (1John 3:18 Ampl.). It must not be gigantic, but little drops of sacrifice, acts and deeds here and there proves what you’ve said. Love is a verb–an action, doing word, feeling and decision.
We can tell someone we love them but it’s questionable if our actions don’t prove it. –Inspiring Women Every Day.

Treat me like the Queen in your own little way. I must not move in a cart pulled by royal horses. Don’t put all the responsibility of giving, sacrificing and paying bills on me. Do something too, no matter how little. You must not pay my fees or buy my wardrobe or gadgets. Even a candy or gala is something.
You must not pay for my hair or shoes or rents, but just do something–hold my hand, fix my hair etc.
Love is obedience–doing what I like. Sacrifice or even dying for a person may not be love (1Samuel 15:22, 1Corinthians 13:3).
Going out does not necessarily mean Shoprite, Cinema or KFC, but let’s stroll, walk with me down the street. I am not asking for sex or smooching. Not necessarily that you cook my meals or do my laundry or house cleaning. But do any little thing like calling me. And when you call, stop monitoring me like a monitoring spirit. If I do not call, lovingly check on me. Stop acting mom.

The best way to make your significant other understand you is speak their love language. People can only understand love through their love senses (love languages). Speak it. Although we all have two major love languages, we have all five. Speak them all but focus on the major two.

LOVE IS WHAT I KNOW, do not make me assume, guess or think you love me–let me know so. Do not think you are loving me. Know by letting me know same. Your significant other will always reciprocate if they truly, really KNOW that you love them. Clear my doubt by saying and doing love. Convince me (and my jury) beyond reasonable doubts about it. Simply, LOVE IS WHAT I KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU THINK. If you love me, say it. Do it.

MEMORY VERSE: …Let’s not merely say that we love each other, let us show the truth by our actions (1John 3:18NLT).
Remember, sexual activities do not prove love in pre and extra marital relationships. It only proves lust and no self control. So, sex in pre-marriage relationship ist not the ACTION I have been talking about.

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