Good evening and welcome to #August and the #AlrightsPassion Tuesdays’ social media hangout with moi #EarlAlright.

Today is our #PrayingTuesday at the Alright’s Passion and we have been praying for your love and romantic life. God’s concerned about them too.

Last week July 29, and the week before then, July 22nd, 2015, CYON, YouCat and Reverend Father Ozoh Joseph hosted Sexual Healings; “My Jesus’ Story” and “Sex Isn’t Accidental” at the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Ogba, Lagos. It was awesome. I loved our host and the people who came around and they loved us too.

Today, I will be sharing with you what I shared with them on July 29th, Sexual Healing; Sex Isn’t Accidental. However, I would be focusing on the 3 SURE WAYS TO SAY NO TO SEXUAL TEMPTATION.

Yes, I decided to reduce the long lists you have always seen from us and other counsellors into just 3 items.  With these 3 sure ways which are easy to remember and adapt, sexual temptation will never win over you again.  And yes, every other way you’ve ever heard or read about overcoming sexual temptation are all in these 3 ways. Trust me.  I have counseled on sex and relationship for over 11years now and have helped many counselees over the period to know what works and what does not work.

See ehn, no guy trips over a stone and falls into a vagina. Erect penises aren’t on our streets chasing you. Sex is not accidental.  I like the way the Criminal Act puts it; an accident is an occurrence that is unintended, unforeseen and unforeseeable. Using this definition, the only sexual activity that may be an accident is stranger-rape and that’s only for the victim.

Truth is, unless it was stranger rape, everyone knew when sex was coming, when sex was to happen. We either ignored the signs or played confused mode about it. Sex has never been accidental.  So then,

How do we ensure that sexual temptation does not always bring us down on our knees?  Simple,


Guard your heart (See Proverbs 4:23, Mathew 12:35, Philippians 4:8, Luke 6:43-45, James 1:14-15, Romans 12:2).

I agree that the brain is the biggest sex organ and the mouth the most potent sex tool. But sex starts from the heart/mind (in this piece, I used heart and mind interchangeably, with the same meaning).

No person can do anything without first thinking about it. As a man thinks in his heart, Jesus said, so is he.  For out of the abundance in/of our heart flow our actions, including sex. We definitely must have thought about it first.

Since sex starts from the mind, mind what goes in and comes out from there.  

Truth is, if sexual junks do not go into our minds, wrong sexual actions can’t come out from there. The mind works like a computer; garbage in, garbage out. Wrong sex in, wrong sex out. How then should we guard our hearts? Simple, by guarding its feeders; our 5 senses.

Do you remember the 5 senses? They are the ones that send good and bad information into our hearts for processing. If they don’t send porn, sexting, paedophile, homosexuality, rape, masturbation thoughts (etc) there, they cannot get in there.  So, watch what you see. What you see can make you lust and lust births sin (See Job 31:1-12, Mathew 5:28, 2Peter 2:14 etc).

Hearing the wrong stuff like everyone is having sex would make you vulnerable to having wrong sex.

Remember that WRONG SEX is every and any sexual activity with a person (including yourself) who is not your spouse.  

Faith (in good or bad things) comes by continuous hearing of a particular thing including wrong sex.  That is why I hate some songs and radio programmes; they are nothing but pure audio porn.  And with such information in your mind, you can’t think about anything else but what you’ve heard.

What you voice out, vocalize with your mouth registers in your heart. Stop talking about falling for/into temptation. With your mouth, confession is made unto salvation or damnation. Stop vocalizing fears into falling into sexual sin.  Stop the sex talks and gist. Truth is, they aren’t helping you (See Proverbs 7:21, in fact, read all of Proverbs 5, 6, and 7).

If a particular perfume arouses you, change it. If it’s that of a person sitting close to you, my guy, shift!  You mustn’t hug, shake hands with, or pat everybody. Some person’s touch can put you in trouble. If physical touch is your love language, abeg, biko, mind who touches you, where and when.

Bottom line: to guard your heart against sexual temptation, guard your 5 senses. It’s that simple.


Move Your Legs.

It’s such a pity that when we are getting seduced or about to be abused, we usually do nothing. Don’t be in places where and when you’re sexually vulnerable. Guy, babe, no park, move! 2Timothy 2:22 says we should FLEE fornication. Scriptures even goes further to admonish us to avoid appearances of evil (they may not even be evil in themselves but the fact that they appear seemingly to be one, warrants our fleeing). See 1Corinthians 15:33, 5:9-11.

Most people have suffered from acquaintance rape because, unlike Joseph, they refused to use their feet (and mouth). Joseph wasn’t a fool when he ran from Mrs. Potiphar (See Gen 39:10-12, 2Tim 2:22, Proverbs 1:10, Psalm 1:1, Proverbs 7:6-27).  Some even move their legs to go sleep over at a boy/girl’s place, a person that they know wants sex with them. #Dumb #ThinkRightJoor #ActRightJare

Number ONE was Guard Your Heart. Number TWO is Move Your Legs and now, Number…


Enjoy Grace!

I don’t get why Christians in the face of sexual temptation fail and neglect to use grace in overcoming the sexual temptation.  God never intended you survive this world and all its temptation by your own power or ability.

We can’t do without God as we are. To succeed, we have to be dependent on Him, most especially in overcoming sin including wrong sex.  Jude 24 says He’s able to keep us from falling and 1Corinthians 10:13 says that God creates a window of escape for us in every temptation and I am so in love with this truth.  It’s God’s responsibility to preserve us sexually in this generation, but we’ve to depend on Him. See Psalm 121:3-4. There are many scriptures I would have loved to show you, but hey, Roman 8:37-39 is sufficient. So, whenever the fear of falling into sexual temptation grips you, just recite Jude 24 and Romans 8:31-39. YOU ROCK!

And because today is our #PrayingTuesday, I pray Ephesians 3:18-19 for you.  I pray that God will keep you from every sexual temptation, no matter how tricky or subtle they appear. I pray that you have the ability to say no, walk away and resist every sexual immorality. I pray you receive grace and supernatural ability to stop that wrong sex and live sexually pure. I pray you shall not be a victim of any form/type of rape, sexual, emotional or domestic abuse.  I pray that your head and heart will always be clear in the midst of every sexual temptation.

May you always be able to say no when you hormones say go. May you always be able to say no even when it’s your pastor or fiancé(e) that is asking for wrong sex. May my God keep and preserve you blameless until His return. I pray all these in Jesus’ name.

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It’s your relationship with Jesus that makes your other relationship(s) sweet.  

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.


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