Psalm 24:1 says that “The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein”.

 I have realized that a lot of us are selective when it comes to where to live after our marriage. This has caused problems in many relationships. Some ladies insist they want to remain in the same city with their parents. Let me ask “are you married to your parents?” Some persons want to live in big cities like Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt and the likes.

Babe, your boo is living in Ekiti, yet, you are forcing him to relocate to Abuja or Port-Harcourt if you must marry him. Why are you frustrating his efforts? Have you considered his job and salary? What’s his capital per income like to be able to thrive in the cities you are recommending?

Look, let me tell you something; God is not limited to any location. He created all the states in this country. He owns the world. It doesn’t matter where you are living; He will locate you because he has a provision for you already in that particular city. You are in his budget for each year. 

Life is not about the toughest but the graced. Strive for God’s grace, my dear. The Bible says that he is the Author and finisher of our faith. My sister schooled in Yola and during her Industrial Training, she met a white family that invited her to Sweden with all expenses fully paid for. She is working on getting a job there now. 

It’s not about where you and your spouse are living. It’s about walking in God’s plan. You need revelation of who God really is. If you understand these things, dear single, it will help you later a lot. Understanding of the times and seasons is paramount. There is a time to leave your parents and move. There is even a time to leave that job. There is a time to move! 

Don’t be insensitive, bros. There is a time to leave some friends and upgrade. Don’t be scared of change. Allow God to move you when the time comes and trust him completely. The problem with many of us is that we are too scared to move. We have not trusted him completely with our life. 

I have a friend who says she can’t marry a man who is not resident in Abuja. She is still single. That may be because she has limited her options. Why are you hurting yourself? If you need to move, move. Abraham moved and He became wealthy as a result of it.

Let me tell you something about moving: it is characterized by uncertainties; you know where you are moving to but you don’t know what you are moving into. . Are you about to go for the NYSC programme? If they posted you to Zamfara, please go – move! There is something there for you. If they posted you to Enugu as against your prayer point, just move. God has good plans you in that place. It might not look like what you prayed for but move.

Remember Psalm 24. Move with faith and gladness. Be happy. Count it all joy when God is moving you. I have stayed in Abuja for up to 14 years and I will move once I see and get the sign. 

He is moving you from being single to being married. Appreciate God for that man, move with him. You have sucked your parents’ breasts enough. You have chill chatted enough with your family and friends. Don’t be an anti-movement.  You can get and read a book titled “who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson. God bless you all for Following.

Chukwu Amaka Theresa

Counsellor of the Alright’s Passion

Administrator of the Romance Café.

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