Many people have asked me how they would know if a particular person was perfect for them over time. Well, we are all creatures of habits. So changing ain’t so easy for us.

no one was designed for you

We want to date and marry a person who doesn’t change our bathroom routines or hairdo. Then, we go around looking for who matches our habits, our character, but no one was designed for you. You were designed to be suitable and adaptable to every person.

Someone said that the perfect spouse for you is Jesus, but He is already taken by the Church. What you have to do is find someone next suitable for you here on earth. So, what’s compatibility in marriage? It is the ability and your level of flexibility and adaptability. And the most (dance) flexible celebrity that I know is Shakira.

Look at it this way;
When God created man, He created us to be in His image and likeness; to be like Him and also to resemble Him. And hey! God is so so flexible. That is why He can be on His throne and yet be inside of you. You can come to a meeting, invite Him over when in an actual sense He came along inside you and was still even at the venue before you showed up.
So, saying “this is who I am – I cannot change” is untrue to your image and likeness of God. You were not designed to be rigid and stereotyped! You were designed to be flexible AND adaptable! In essence, you are only as compatible romantically to your spouse or partner as much as you choose to be.

You were not designed to be rigid and stereotyped!

I mean, there are some things that I do not want to bend to or for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t if I really wanted to. God designed us with a capacity called neuroplasticity which is the ability for the brain to learn (and unlearn) new and fresh things, no matter how old we are. Consequently, there is no person on earth that you cannot love. You are the one who makes the choice, decision and boundaries of who you can love and not love.

In marriage, it is not your perfection or weakness that would come to play; it is not what would be on the test. It would be your adaptability and flexibility! In other words: your ability to compromise to get a win-win.

How much do you find it easy to reconcile your differences with others? The purpose of marriage is unity (in diversity) and not oneness in similarity as many think.

Be flexible like Shakira!

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation)

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

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