I promised that I would share something on BREASTS today.

You might not like what every other person likes so you might not like boobs play. However, for your extra benefit, being open to the extra pleasure boobs give is suggested. 

Even Acorn my son knows how to make breasts answer to him. I don’t just mean sucking. He knows how to grab, squeeze, fondle, and when he is satisfied, he knows how to use his fingers to play with the nipples.

 At 8 months, the boy has already inherited some amazing sexual genetic traits that make me sometimes stare at him during all the drama like, “Guy, be merciful to the breast now!” The milk used to be his own, and the breast mine.

You limit the sexual enjoyment you get in your marriage if you only get your sexual pleasures and enjoyment from the penis inside the vagina.

The reason people do not explore other options as much as they ought to is that they are either impatient and want to quickly satisfy their sexual pleasure, or they feel that other explorations are wrong.

I don’t know much about Islam and other religions when it comes to this; however, for Christians, the book of Proverbs directs us to fondle and enjoy the pleasure of boobs. Size doesn’t matter. Nothing matters unless we make it matter. 

When it comes to boobs, the old rhyme about beans porridge applies:

Some like it hot,

Some like it cold.

Some like it in the pot, 3 days old.

What it means is that some like it small, some like it big, and some like it extra large.

The good thing about it is the experience you get from playing with the boobs. In reality, many physiological and sexual research shows that all breast sizes give and receive the same amount and level of pleasure. At the end of the day, it is only how it makes you feel that counts. No matter your boob size or that of your wife, it is still a massive sexual weapon. 

Apart from the size and what you can do with it, there isn’t a substantial difference in boobs.

Sexually, we would divide boobs into three parts:

  1. The nipples
  2. The areola
  3. The muscular tissue

In talking about Breast and Nipple Play, many people focus on just the nipples. The nipples have the highest nerve endings in the breast, and as such, receive the highest form of sexual stimulation. When a woman is sexually aroused, her nipples get erect. I usually watch out for the erection of my wife’s nipples before deciding whether to plunge deeper or not.

The next amazing part of the breasts is the areola— that black shade around the nipple. Many people do not pay attention to this. But, if you take a look at the areola during sexual stimulation, you would notice some tiny pimples.

The last part is all the flesh of the breasts. It carries fire too.

Who is ready to delve into breast and nipple play?

You can fondle the breasts with your face, your lips, your tongue, your fingers, your hand (palm and fingers), your nipples, and also the penis.

Let’s start the journey.

The first rule is simple; don’t be in a hurry. Rush kills vibes unless it’s a quickie, and quickies shouldn’t happen every time.

1. Place all your palms and fingers on the breasts through the clothes. I usually call this “warming up the boobs”. You place your hand all over the boobs while you are still gisting with your spouse or watching a  TV program. You would feel the boobs warm up to you by getting a bit firmer and fuller. When you notice this, grab it a bit more firmly

 and massage very softly and slowly.

First, the boobs warm up to you. Now, you need your wife to warm up to you too. The soft grab and gentle squeeze would reveal if she wants more or not. She would either remove your hand and tell you to stop or you will notice that she has moved her body a little closer to soak in some vibes. You may notice that her mouth is opened a little to allow for some of your air.

Your next move may be to dip your hand through her dress, shirt, polo, or blouse and still softly grab, fondle and squeeze the boobs in her bra. Your hand isn’t in her bra but just in her shirt and on top of her bra. 

The goal is slow and steady and not to rush things. Whenever you realize that your wife is getting aroused so much and may want to rush things, slow down the present activity or just pause without having to remove your hand from the boobs. Then, you can slip your hands into her bra and just warm it up without fondling or squeezing it. 

Smile and relax. Never pay so much attention to your partner’s body that you fail to make regular and meaningful eye contact with a lot of smiles. It’s also cool for your wife to hear your breathing.

You can then decide to help your partner take off their top and repeat all you had done on the boobs. It is good to now start talking about how you feel about your wife’s boobs. Try cupping it from under, noticing the difference and similarities in their size, or talking about the bra.

All the talk is to make your wife feel confident in and proud of her boobs.

Remember the bra should still be on. You can then offer to take off the bra by reaching out. Mind you, some bras have no conscience, so you may not be able to unbuckle them without going behind your wife. Although it is sexier to remove the bra while staring at your wife and also while staring at her boobs and smiling. It is okay to go behind her, remove the bra while dropping soft kisses on her shoulders and back.

But don’t change the route. The journey is through the boobs, so don’t allow kisses and lips to take your focus away. Come back to the boobs and just love on them.

Cup them

Grab them

 Massage them

Most importantly, pay attention to your wife to know if a particular act is giving her pleasure or pain.

See, don’t use people’s comments and what movies and porn say in your marriage o.

 Don’t expect her to like what she doesn’t like. If she doesn’t like it and a million girls out there like it, stop it!

For example, my wife doesn’t like fingering. I have tried and she still doesn’t like it. It is wise for me to stop trying to make her enjoy what she doesn’t like.

 Be patient to drop soft and big kisses on the boobs.

Suck the nipples, bite them with your lips and pull gently.

Use your tongue to lick around the areola. Once in a while, use the lips and also the teeth to softly grab and bite the boobs.

When licking around the areola, be slow too. Feel the pimples. Hugging the naked boobs firmly with your naked chest is also very cool. 

And yes, “Hot Dog” is great. This is when you place the penis in-between the boobs and just grind.

You can also use the tip of the penis to caress the nipples.

Your wife may stretch her hand to reach for your penis most especially during the boobs play. Allow her to be. She may most likely do this when you are sucking the nipples.

And hey, you can also use your face and beard to glide on the nipples and boobs. Drop soft kisses in the middle of her chest while using your hands to pull the breasts to sandwich your face.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Okay, let me stop here. You already have great ideas of what more to do. Do them while paying attention to how your wife is responding and you can always make her cool off by allowing her to hug your bareback with her boobs or allowing her to sleep off on your chest with her boobs on it.