Clinic versus Studio

I remember one night I went to pick up a dear friend who had travelled about 11 hours to Ibadan. While this dude and I tried to find our way back to my house at about 9pm, we saw this girl who wasn’t up to 12 years old peddling Viagra. It was a crazy reality, a rude shock. However, it was real. Yes, that’s not just child domestic abuse, that’s sexual abuse too. So we decided to ask her if she knew what it was for, and she was like it was for man-power. She was marketing it to us big time. Chai, and she was good at selling it. I am not talking about her today, but I am talking of what is making her market thrive, and that is our unusual need to become sex-machines rather than humans. 

Growing up, and as a teen, I never had inferiority complex when it came to the size of my penis. Don’t get it wrong, I wasn’t the biggest in the hood but I just knew that your bigger or smaller penis size didn’t determine if you were more manly or “malely” than me. I just never bothered about whether I needed to be a size this in the minimum or a size that in the maximum. Then I entered counselling and realised that people were so much obsessed about the size of their genitalia and acrobatics of their sex. So I decided to take a study and observe.

Pornography destroys your sexuality and this is how: Porn tells you what you want to see and have but not what reality says. That is, pornography thrives on our fantasies and not on reality. I can never forget what an Indian sex counsellor, about 90 years old, told the 14 year-old teenager who asked how long a penis he needed to satisfy a woman. The man answered that a 2 inches long penis was all that the young lad needed. 

Although I don’t agree with any G-spot theory, because physiology is yet to fully state so, most sexologists who believe it say that the G-spot is about 2 inches into the vagina and all the length of penis needed to reach there is just the glans-penis (penis cap). Some have even argued that the bigger the penis, the higher the possibility of missing it. Okay, I just told you what people say and not what is. So leave that gist first and let’s focus on the Clinic versus Studio.

I Once Heard a Person Say “Ladies First, After Men…”

Let me start with the males and then move to the females. It’s funny that men, in preparing themselves to satisfy their wives think it is dependent on the size and length of the penis. If it were so, then many marriages wouldn’t be having sex issues. Some even think that it depended on the length of the coitus (the intercourse). If that were also true, then we wouldn’t be having women complain of men staying too long in their vagina. So we see men obsessed about some exercises, enhancers and medications to grow a longer and bigger penis and also to last longer.

First, premature ejaculation is more of a psychological issue than of a medical one. So using Viagra is like using a pain killer. It doesn’t cure headache, it only blocks the tract that carries the pain to the brain. The issue causing the pain is still there in the body but the brain can no longer read it because it can’t access it. So the Viagra is just helping you fake it. No matter how much Viagra you use, the day you don’t use it, premature ejaculation will resume. Yes, there are many medical issues that also cause premature ejaculation but the activities in the mind seem to be the most popular cause.

I’ve mentioned premature ejaculation; some say it is when sex is less than 5minutes but if you take all the laboratory examinations into consideration, it is actually around when the sex is less than 2 minutes. Some sexologists even argue that sex for one minute may not be premature ejaculation if the man is satisfied or if he never wanted to last longer than that during the sex.

This is where we have the clinic versus the studio. The media and pornography tries to tell you that good sex is about 10 minutes and above long, whereas, doctors and sexologists say that the average sex time of humans ought to be around 4 minutes and some seconds. I hear that vehicle tyres can carry about 50,000 times their own weight but in places like Nigeria, they carry about 5 times that weight. Now, making your tyre do more than it is supposed to do is stressing the tyre, over labouring it. Yes, the tyre will carry the load but you are destroying the tyre. Making your sex organs do more than they ought to do is the same as making a tyre carry more load than it ought to carry.

Porn tells the dude that he is supposed to have a 7 to 9 inches long penis whereas the average length size of some Asians is around 3.5 – 4 inches while the average for Africans is about 6 inches. So the crazy Asian who has a four inches, sees the black man who has a 6.5 inches, starts feeling that there is a problem with his size. Then the question is, “if our ladies were virgins at marriage, would the size of your penis be an issue?” The answer is no because every virgin doesn’t know about sizes and sees every size as huge, every size as massive. Even if it is 2 inches, she is worried about how all of that will go in there.

However, because this dude has had premarital sex with a girl who has had sex with multiple boys and knows something about sizes and she told him he was small, he starts doing everything to grow a bigger penis just to impress her and other ladies out there who are like her. The vagina is ordinarily so tight that even a biro is huge to it. But there is something ladies don’t know; multiple sexual partners destroy the elasticity of the vagina even more than child birth. The vagina was designed to fit, clasp its own penis (one penis) but the moment that of John enters today and that of James enters tomorrow and that of Jude enters the day after and that of Jordan the other weekend, the vagina becomes confused about what size to adapt to. And here’s the boys’ problem; the major nerve endings of the penis is in the cap, the glans of the penis. So if you have that, you already have all you majorly need to satisfy a woman and to get satisfied yourself. Besides, the penis stops growing at about age 5 and resumes growth during puberty before stopping at age 17 or thereabout. Therefore, by the time you are about age 19, you have already attained the clinical length your penis ought to attain. Anything you do from 18 years upward to grow your penis becomes extra clinical, influenced by the media and by the studio (porn).

Questions and Answers Time 

You try to get fatter, but for who? Is it for the virgin to whom a biro is already huge? You try to get longer, but for whom? Do you want to reach the end of the vagina? Mind you, the vagina is not a hole. It is a tunnel. It doesn’t start from the front and lead to the bumbum for you to think that those who have bigger bumbums automatically have deeper vaginas. Nah, it is a canal in-between the legs leading into the womb.

So the problem is that instead of following what is said in the clinic, you follow what is said in the studio. Studio people want to sell and will do everything to make you feel inferior and make what they have seem superior so that you will buy their product. Besides, why did God create sex? Perhaps, that would make you know and focus on the major.

When women say they want hot sex, they ain’t talking about you getting stuck in there and refusing to leave. They are talking about a soul connection, mutual enjoyment and pleasure. Being deliberate and not necessarily being a King Kong down there.

It’s so unreasonable for you as a guy to compare the size of your penis with that of another as though you guys were in a competition to wow the same girl. The biggest problem with us guys is that we try to do sex to women, we try to make a sexual statement to them. God made sex for bonding, pleasure, and then procreation; not to show off of who is big or who is small or who can refuse to come down from a woman. So when you try to grow bigger or when you try to last longer, you must always remember that your sexuality as a husband isn’t just for you. It ain’t solely yours. It is your wife’s, too. So if she is okay with the size and okay with the length of period, you have no business trying to make a statement to her. And if she was a virgin, she wouldn’t put you through studio stress to please her. She ain’t a pornography director that will be yelling, Action. Cut. T.O.P and the likes. She just wants to share and enjoy. Sex is connecting, sharing. It ain’t a sport. It ain’t a game. It ain’t an APC vs PDP competition. 

Man, all your sexual life, your purpose is to please one woman–your wife and all you need is a healthy orientation and a “2 inches penis”. Besides, ain’t it even strange that we guys try to compare our genitals when flaccid? An erect penis is far different from the one that isn’t. The fact that an unerect penis is about 2 inches doesn’t mean it can’t get to a 7 inches when erect. The fact that a penis when cool is 5 inches doesn’t mean it would go beyond 5.5 inches when erect. So we compel ourselves wrongly; using studio standards rather than clinic standards. Besides, the best way to take a look at you penis is to stare at it in a mirror and not to look down on it from your shoulders. Looking at it from the top makes it look smaller and shorter because of perspective (the farther it is, the smaller it becomes). This is because you see the pelvic, then the base before seen the glans of the penis. But when you look at it in a mirror, you see everything at once, at a glans.

Calm down man. You have all the size and stamina you need to please your wife. The problem is that you are trying to please the girls in the hood. You are rating yourself based on what Jenifer said, which is different from Janet’s opinion and can’t be juxtaposed with that of Jasmine. You have ended up confusing your sexuality.

When God says you should flee fornication which includes premarital sex, he wasn’t saying it for Himself but for your sexuality’s sake; your own sake. He was saying it for the sake of your sexual ego and sexual-esteem.

The older, perhaps, the better, just like fine red or white or pink wine.

Let me tell you something; while younger men can easily get erections, older men cannot. But let me tell you how nature balances itself. Younger men can easily get erections and can also easily lose it. Premature ejaculation is most common among younger men than it is among older men. Although older men may not be able to get erections as easy as younger men do, they seldom lose it easily.

So imagine a girl who has had sex with a 25 year old dude and also a 45 year old man. She would almost feel that the older man is better. Now, if she judges you a 25 year old man based on the length of sex of the 45 year old man, you will think something is wrong with you, whereas, you are clinically okay. But guess what this does to us men? We try everything to make ourselves bigger and last longer. We take all the roots and herbs and solutions just to stay on top of a game we are not supposed to be playing in the first place. And by the way dude, while the older man may last longer, he may not be able to come up again as easily as the younger man would. So the younger he is, the more rounds he can go. And the next round is usually longer than the previous round.

Babes, let’s talk about your sexuality too

Some ladies squirt and some are taught to squirt. Some are learning it sef. Porn and the media talks about squirting but when you ask medical people, it is nothing but peeing during sex. And that’s abnormal.

I have seen girls trying to compete with a porn star. Wait o, you dey crase? You high? You smoke weed? That person does sex and drugs for a living and you want to compete with her? So you are learning to moan and even before you have ever had the first sex, you are already a master in faking orgasm. I pity you.

Let’s start again from the studio

When porn producers and casters cast these actors, they consider their height, weight and age. But you the end user of the porn on the other hand never considers that. You think since they did this style in the blue-film, then my husband and I should still be able to do it. Okay, sorry for sounding insulting but I think you needed it.

So let’s start from your boobs. There is so much uniqueness in the size of your boobs. There’s a feel and pleasure that a small breast can give that a bigger breast can’t give and your psychology is wired to fit and suit your size. See ehn, don’t be deceived, if your boobs grow bigger, you will gain some pleasure but lose some other pleasure. If your boobs become smaller, there are some pleasures you would get and some others you would lose. You can’t gain all. That would be ojoro, cheating. Besides, your boobs’ size is more of a problem for your husband than it is yours. Remember your sexuality is for your spouse. So it is your spouse that determines whether you are too big or too small.

Stop faking it by padding up. Your bumbum doesn’t determine how succulent inside your vagina becomes. So if you pad it to attract him, remember you won’t wear the padded tight all through your marriage and daily life, and he would have been misled with all the paddings. Trust the devil, he would encourage him to find what you deceived him about outside the marriage.

Okay, let’s see this

I have met ladies who because they felt too big just want to wear what would hide their shape. Babe, would you hide it in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen when you get married?

Relax. This is you. Enjoy it. There are thousands of guys who like your true shape. Stop being a sexual image by trying to trim and add up here and there. Have you not realized that these same men that want you to be like this and like that end up marrying girls who are not really like this and like that? Wanting a girl for sex and wanting her for a wife are two different things o. And this sex thing could be really confusing, dearie. The pervert dude has had sex with three or more different girls in his life. Different sizes, shapes and height. Allow me tell you something from first-hand experience; sex with a fat girl is different from that with a slim girl, just the way that sex with a tall girl is different from that with a short girl. So when you try to fit into a slim girl just to satisfy a pervert, remember he would have an appetite for a fat girl tomorrow and there you would be, slim, and unable to match up. So why not just be your true self and allow the right dude love and accept you for who you are and look?

Let’s go down to your hips and bumbum. Forget. When it comes to sex, once the clothes are off, the dude doesn’t care about the hips or the bumbum. All he is concerned about are the lips, tits and vagina. Besides, while big bumbum may be an advantage in one style, it is a whole lot disadvantage in another style. Stop being one girl who fits all. You aren’t gbogbonise, a one cure for all ailments.

I have talked to many people, thousands of them. Yes, you need to give your man good sex, but you don’t have to be a sex-machine to do that. All you need is be a female. Your husband isn’t marrying a whore. Don’t try to be one. Be you. Allow him be him and the sexual tigress in you would come out. Love your shape. Love your looks. Stop finding your validation from the studio. No. Find it from the clinic.

Questions and Answers Time

Did you know that some ladies can actually not reach orgasm and that doesn’t mean that those who do enjoy sex more than they do? Did you know that not every lady can really be so wet? Some need vagina fluids, waters and the likes? Did you know that most ladies in reality can never reach orgasm through vagina sexual intercourse but only through oral sex? So why compel your man to do what only a dildo can do?

Yeah, you have masturbated so much that unless your man can sustain sex for 30 minutes, you can never reach orgasm or be satisfied. So instead of blaming yourself, you claim he is too small or he has premature ejaculation issue. Calm down, dearie. Calm down.

Why have you come to believe that one man cannot really satisfy you and that you need porn or a sex toy to cool off? Oh, because they said so in the movie and in the magazine, right? Receive sense o.

Let’s come a little bit lower. Dear virgin, your vagina is wide enough to carry the head and shoulders of a baby. And no penis is that big. The penis ain’t a one eye snake and neither is it a rod. It is a loosed skin filled with blood to make it erect. Let me remind you that its nicknames include “Joy-Stick”, “Brown Capsule”, “Chocolate Bar” and “Lollipop” and none of these names sound scary but really exciting.

Watch out for VANESSA (Single, Holy but Horny) specially for secondary virgins. It is WhatsApp free course by Earl Alright’s Consult for the Alright’s Passion..

Have a blessed day.

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation).

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.


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