Schools have shut down, but your offices have not and there’s no other safer place to keep your kids apart from your house. COVID-19 is already in your neighbourhood and it ain’t smiling.

I am sure today you would appreciate and bless the memories of your ancestors for being stay-at-home and work-from-home moms. I won’t be surprised to hear that you have started considering working in your bum shorts and crop tops too by now.

Well, let’s see those that would continue mouth lashing full-time housewives. COVID-19 is giving us the opportunity to consider what really are the most important things in and of our lives.

Let me tell you the truth: choosing to be a stay-at-home or work from home mom (or dad) is also an amazing career path. It is also a fulfilling purpose. Besides, at 18 all your kids would be adults. From 15, many of them would already have left home for schools. So this job of babysitting and home-keeper wouldn’t last up to 20years (depending on how many kids you have) and you would still have all the time to pursue your dreams when they all fly off the nest.

How much are you willing to invest in your kids, family and marriage? What would it profit you if you spend the first 20 years pursuing other purposes but lose your kids, family and the cheese in your marriage? Or do you want to be like these many old people around us who have lost the relationship, fellowship and care of their kids because they were never (first) there for them? Or do you want your kids to be like the educated adults we know around us who are spending their mental, financial, emotional and spiritual energies fighting each other and dragging properties of parents who spent their lives acquiring them?

Once again, to have kids ain’t a must, but since you chose to, sir, ma’am, you owe them the best as a duty unto God, humanity and posterity. Their first 17years is more important than any dreams you may have. You made that choice, yes, you made that decision to make them more important than any and everything else (outside God and your spouse) when you refused to prevent their conception.

Let’s start reconsidering every belief we have ever had, open every argument we have once shut up and start thinking on what can make our marriages, families and kids better. Staying at home, working from home or even working for the home is a great job and an amazing career path.

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation)

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

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You rock!

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