Valentine is that one season of the year when many people, especially singles do everything to ensure that they are appealing and attractive in a more unique way – sexually, and as a result of this, special arousing perfumes, lingerie and other objects to adorn the body are used. Shaving stick also hits its highest sales including mouth wash and sprays

You know, there is the confidence and superb self-esteem we feel when we know we are sexy to a mate. There is this superman and superwoman feeling that comes on us the moment we use some really cute body ointments and pieces of jewellery. If you have ever used matching lingerie, you definitely know what I am talking about.  Someway somehow, you just wish you could show him/her how you look in there.

That moment when you want to talk very close, eye into the eye because you know that what you smell inside your mouth is better than what your regular toothpaste can offer. There is this confidence of wanting to have sex with the lights on when you are properly shaved down there.

My question is why wait for Valentine to do, become and feel this?  What if this was the regular you, always clean and smelling great? What if you chose every lingerie to be sexy and every shaving (or trimming) to be welcoming?

Trimming of the pubic hair may be healthier than a complete shave)

Why wait for Valentine to be the sexiest you as though you were waiting for Lent to be the holiest you?  Why light the candles only at Valentine?

Yes, it’s good to make special days special, but it is most appropriate to make every day special and special days more special.

Make everyday a Valentine

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation)

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

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You rock!