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My job is to help young people master their sexuality, and I minister Sexual Healing through Spoken Words.

When Jesus said satan is the father of all liars, He was stating the truth. That guy is skilled in lying, big time. From the first time satan showed up in human history till date, he has being lying about God to you and contrary to what the devil has said to you, I want you to see that GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE SEX!

This topic is because some people; singles & married alike think that sex is unholy, a somewhat necessary evil. That’s a lie. That is so untrue about God’s creation. It’s a lie about the grand design. Sex isn’t a necessary evil. Plato, Aristotle & other supposedly great philosophers were wrong about it too just like most pastors & parents. Everything God created according to Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 was and is still good. Sex, according to God’s plan & design is fun, big fun. It thrills. It makes sense mhen.

In the beginning, God created sex, He examined it & saw that it was good.

 A couple had asked their pastor, 2 days after their wedding if they could have sex. Some couples pray to God before & after sex, maybe asking for His forgiveness for sinning. Hilarious as these may sound, they are true. And this is the result of wrong sexual orientation & teaching.

Sex in marriage is as holy as singing Holy, Holy, Holy in heaven with the 24 elders.

Somebody has proposed that there should be no sex on wedding nights as first fruit & seed. Maybe as fasting too. I responded by saying it’s not a fruit if you don’t harvest it. It’s not a fruit if you sow it. It’s my first fruit joor. A fruit on the tree can’t be sowed. You’ve to harvest it first. How then do you harvest sex to sow it?

The problem with most Christians is that they sow their harvest & eat their seeds.

I think if you must even make it a seed, you do it in honour of God. Dedicate it to God while doing it. *Winks. Besides, sexual purity & chastity as single is the seed sown for the harvest of holy, pleasurable sex in marriage. From the little I understand from my Bible, the only restriction on sex in marriage is during her menses & agreed fasting. And even that of her menses isn’t a spiritual principle but a health guide-line.

Left to some folks, Proverbs 5:15-20, Songs of Solomon, Ruth 3:1-9, Esther 2:12-18 NLT won’t be in the Bible.

Oh, how I long to fulfill Proverbs Chapter 5:15-20. Ladies, see Esther 2:12-17 NLT. Guys, just imagine the Proverbs Chapters 5, 6 and 7 woman being faithful & not adulterous. OH, WHAT A ROMANTIC WIFE! God created sex for BONDING, PLEASURE and PROCREATION. I don’t see how this purpose is evil. Do you?

Yes, God hates wrong sex. That is, sexual activity outside marriage. But He blesses it big time, in marriage.

We’ve been taught in our churches & homes that sex is evil. But that’s not true. It’s a lie! It’s a lie parents & pastors tell teens & singles to keep them away but yet these people “know say na big lie”. Yes, there are terrible consequences of premarital & wrong sex but that doesn’t make the act in itself sour or wrong. The consequences of adultery will make you hate sex. But that in itself doesn’t make sex evil. Most non virgins (save those raped & abused) would agree that nothing could compare to the ecstasy sex gives.

It’s a pity that the devil will do everything to make you kiss before marriage & yet deprive you of it in marriage. The idiot’s plan is to frustrate God by spreading lies & making God’s finest creature; man, hurt God with God’s tools. God wants you to have & enjoy real fantasy & hardcore sex, BUT in marriage with your spouse only.Believe me; your Angels won’t close their eyes in disgust or the Holy Spirit, grieve when you’re having sex with your spouse. I believe they will help you do it better & extract all the fun God loaded into it at creation for you.

GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE SEX in marriage. Don’t feel shy, immoral, timid or unholy about it. “Na your right!”

NOTE: Some sexual fantasies are however unrealistic when you aren’t marrying a porn-star or sex-toy. #ThinkRightJor

“Sex is an expression of commitment in marriage (although) it never creates commitment” Dr. Myles Munroe said. And I agree with him too.

Thank you for contributing to the peace in Nigeria. We are good people, great nation. Don’t forget that it is your relationship with Jesus that makes your other relationship(s) sweet.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright. My job is to help young people master their sexuality, and I minister Sexual Healing through Spoken Words.

This message was spoken by Earl Alright on the #AlrightsPassion Tuesdays’ social media hang-out, on 14th April, 2015 @AlrightsPassion on Twitter and at www.fb.me/AlrightsPassion on Facebok.

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