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There are many non-penetrative sexual activities that many people have not yet started to appropriate the benefits in their marriage. There are times that a partner in a marriage is too tired or sick or not just wanting vagina sex and yet, the other partner would still be able to get sexual pleasure and a good level of sexual satisfaction.

“the devil would do everything to make you kiss before marriage and yet, do everything to ensure you don’t kiss in marriage”

We usually advise that couples should fast vagina sex once in a while and focus on non-penetrative sexual activities. Fucking is great, but sexual intimacy is far more than strafing. This way, you will see sexual intimacy beyond in and out.

Someone said, “the devil would do everything to make you kiss before marriage and yet, do everything to ensure you don’t kiss in marriage.” So that today, many married people, during their courtship years, dry-humped to orgasm on several occasions but have not done any dry humping in their marriage.


Yes, it is true that oxytocin, pheromones and other sex hormones and chemicals are released during vagina sex. However, these amazing hormones are also released during non-penetrative sex. Wet humping is when the clothes are off. Dry humping/grinding is rubbing the penis on the vagina with clothes on. It could be to orgasm or not.

You were always feeling guilty of it during your relationship. Now that you are married, wetin happen wey you no dey make out again?

I believe we remember the spooning styles? Today’s discussion is focused on Spooning Dry Hump. It could just be cuddling or sex with the penis penetrating from the rear. However, for this None Penetrative Sex, we are talking about humping/grinding with the spooning style. So rather than penetrating from the rare, you grind the penis on the back of your wife – in between her buttocks.

Making out is still cool in marriage.


If her skin is dry and to avoid bruises on the penis, lubricate the penis and just grind in between her buttocks. While you grind down there, remember to grab her boobs and make them feel wild. Don’t forget to drop little kisses and some love bites on her back and shoulders while you grind. Never fail to moan too as the drive, urge and passion come. You can also read your hand over and with well-lubricated fingers, gently caress your wife’s clitoris and labia. If you enjoy it, kindly come back and let me know.

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation)

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

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