She: Do you think it’s ideal to say yes right away to a relationship a lady is interested in when she is asked out by the gentleman? And especially when she’s already prayed and convinced before she’s asked out by the gentleman? What’s your take? Please

Me: Ehrm, to your question, one Bible story quickly and easily pops up in My mind. And the story is found in Genesis chapter 24 particularly in verses 48 to 61. When Rebecca’s family tried to delay the yes, Abraham’s servant objected.

The question is, what’s the purpose of delaying the yes?

Remember the servant didn’t even delay the proposal. Although he was skeptical at first, he moved with faith to start the “toasting”.

Do you know whether or not he has an agreement with God that if you don’t say yes within a particular time, then he is wrong about you? It wouldn’t have been God’s fault but yours.

Truth is, as ladies are giving themselves time, like; “I will shakara for 2 months”, guys are now also giving themselves time, “I will not mumu myself for 2 months”. The story mentioned earlier explains better.

Imagine if the servant was still thinking and Rebecca left the well without him making that giant stride. Imagine Rebecca’s family giving him 3 months “testing period”. Just imagine what would have happened.

Remember the agreement with Abraham was that if she doesn’t follow you, you are free from this oath. Some guys have that kind of “oath” with God too.

Even Jacob didn’t have to wait for another 7 years. When Leah’s time (7years, 7days; Gen 29:16-30, particularly verse 28-30)was up, he got Rachael. He worked the remaining 7 years as Rachael’s husband, not suitor/fiance.

She: The thing is some folks have this idea that saying yes right away makes the lady look cheap. So some of us have been taught to say no on a first date when deep in our heart we know it”s a ‘yes’

Me: And the guys have been also taught that your no means yes. So the world is confused when it comes to dating because no one knows when NO is no and when YES is yes

Let me ask, if it was a Job offer, would you play with your intending employer like that? Would you treat a parent like that? Would you toy with a friend’s heart and emotions like that?

Back to my first and only question needing answer: why delay the yes if you are already so physically, emotionally and spiritually sure about this person?

She: The thing is some folks have this idea that saying yes right away makes the lady look cheap. At least the guy should be able to chase a little more if he too is very physically,emotionally & spiritually sure. You know you used to say it’s the glory of guys to chase & the glory of the lady to be chased after. Remember?

Me: Yeah, That’s so true. To chase and be chased. But then you know that even before a guy asks you out, he would have been chasing you all the while

She: Really? How?

Me: He would have been visiting, calling, giving gifts, showing affections. All that is part of the chasing.

She: Hmmmmm…really?

Me: The chasing made the person pray about it to be sure, asked friends to be sure, and became close and closer until he asked you out.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

You Rock!


Image in Photo: Tiffany Coco