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For several months now, I’ve been studying the relationship between the trinity, Their amazing union, structure, power and authority flow. I believe that from their relationship, we would learn some basic principles and tricks to better human romantic relationships.

Today, I want to use the God-Head (Jehovah)’s relationship with man to attempt bettering your romantic relationship and I will be using the most popular verse in the Bible, John 3:16 to do that.

For God (so) LOVED the world…

This shows that He made a deliberate decision to love and He decided to that purposely, passionately and deliberately. Love’s a choice. Love isn’t a ditch, hole, valley or pit you fall into. You don’t fall into love. You choose to love.

SO loved…

The above shows that His love was immeasurable, all encompassing, and unlimited. It was not to an extent, it was without walls He SO LOVED. It was not an affection or feeling that was just sensational, erotic. It was not infatuation or crush. It was higher, greater and better.

                 love is not a ditch, hole, valley or pit you fall into. You don’t fall into love. You choose to love.



The article of His love was definite and ascertainable. Everyone could know whom He loved. It wasn’t like was confused about it, skeptical, indecisive about it. He, and all of creation, knew whom He loved–the world.

                                                                                    who do you love?

That He GAVE…

Giving may not be love but love can’t do and exist without giving (First Corinthians 13:3). Giving is very important whether or not your partner’s love language is quality gifts. It is not really whether or not the item, service or compassion given is expensive, but it is whether or not you felt and recognized the other person as being good enough for a “gift”. It is whether or not you had the beneficiary in mind all day long.

                                           giving may not be love but love can’t do and exist without giving


His ONLY Son…

This is the balance that the “gift” ought not to be expensive or of good or high quality. I wonder who wants to be with a person who cannot and does not make deliberate sacrifice every now and then.

The deliberate conscious decision to love demands sacrifice every day! And it is immaterial whether or not what you are sacrificing is the only thing you’ve got.  If nothing else proves love. Sacrifice does so most especially when there seems to be no actual direct reward for doing so.

                            The deliberate conscious decision to love demands sacrifice every day!

Your only son could be time, money, gifts, forgiveness, help etc. Since He did not spare even His only Son but gave Him up for us, won’t He also give us everything else? See Rom 8:32.

That whosoever BELIEVES IN HIM…

Maybe you, but I don’t want to marry a person who does not trust me. I just cannot be with a person who doesn’t believe in my dreams, ministry and career. It’s good to make yourself trust worthy. Remember trust is earned. Belief is also earned. Rom 8:32 NLT. It makes sense to believe a person, who has chosen to love you, gives to you and makes sacrifices for you.

                                 Maybe you, but I don’t want to marry a person who does not trust me


I wonder why some people actually punish their partners for agreeing to date them. A relationship with you should in every aspect better your partner’s life! It should be a plus and not a minus, abeg.

Husbands, your wives are not a horse a donkey or dog that need whooping or spanking. Women need love, guidance, leaderships, inspiration, motivation and support, not discipline. “Stop teaching her a lesson”

Wives, your husbands are no kids. So teaching them and growing them. They did not marry because they wanted to get mature. Correction, teaching, instructing and nagging is not a code for love in their brains. Stop trying to change them, even you that the Holy Spirit has been working on have not changed.

                             a relationship with you should in every aspect, better your partner’s life!


I prefer eternal life. It is a life that starts from now and continues after now. Not just only futuristic. There’s nothing wrong if your partner start tasting the tip of the ice-berg of what he or she would enjoy should him/her marry you. It is okay to start fulfilling some promises right away.

                            apart from sex and cohabitation, there should be a foretaste of almost everything.

Eternal is everlasting, not with unfaithfulness and un-commitment and divorce in view. Honestly, when you get born-again, God doesn’t anticipate you getting “un-born-again”. He does everything possible to ensure you don’t backslide. John 10:27-29, Jude 24, Romans 8:38-39, 1Cor 1:7-9, John 6:39, first Corinthians 1:8, Colossians 3:4, Philippians 1:6, first John 5:18 Ephesians 4:30. Remember, you are gods, made in Elohim’s image and likeness.

        read John 3:16 with all the Bible versions you can and try to be like God (Jehovah) in your relationship.

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