It is my personal belief that based on our hormonal activities and the sexual exposure of our generation, we are not designed to be safely and healthily single at 25 years unless we have the special graces which
Jesus and Paul talked about. The remedy which Paul recommended in handling sexual drives and passions in young people was “marriage”, and I choose to add, “early marriage”.

I feel it is not balanced to preach purity of mind and body without also preaching early marriage. Having people stay single till 30 years of age and having them be able to say no to all forms and shades of sexual
immorality (and sin) may not be completely realistic in view due to hormonal activities and the exposure to sexual content around us.

Religion, School, Work, Social Groups and Social Media has increased more than a thousand times, the social (and romantic) interaction between boys and girls than it was in the days of Solomon, Paul and Wesley. So, we have more than a thousand rooms, avenues and options of sexual temptations and exposure than it was in their days.

Let’s not forget that they married earlier than our generation does today. Not every counsellor may agree with me. However, we cannot deny that sex is more in our faces than it was in the face of Esther, Ruth and Salome. Boys & girls have more avenues of physical and virtual social interactions than the boys and girls of Patrick and Bodicia’s generation, and this increases the amount of hormonal pressure to have sex which they feel in their minds and bodies and the temptations they face outside.

Dear single, this is Earl Alright saying, avoiding sexual immorality is a valid enough reason to marry and marry early.

Some religions put it at puberty, Nigeria’s civil laws put it at 18 years for customary marriages, and 21 years for statutory marriages (with exceptions). E get why.

If you think otherwise as regards my opinion in this particular matter, I would love to hear it. Remember that we are not just talking about premarital sex here (almost every single can avoid that till age 50) But
we are talking about sexual immorality and sexual sin.

Isn’t it funny that many people want us to become adults and take up adult responsibilities early? Yet they raise an eyebrow when marriage becomes one of those responsibilities we choose to take early.