This was a class taken in Flesh to Flesh, an Alright’s Passion whatsapp group strictly for married folks and primarily on sex matters. If you are unmarried, we recommend that you close this article as it may not do your hormones any good in this your single state.

That I am married, have a sexy wife, and I am a minister doesn’t exclude me from sexual advances. I think my biggest sexual temptations are from within rather than external and that spurs from the desire to want to explore, try a new adventure; taste and have other women as well. Sometimes though, my mind tries to wonder what if I just had one, I mean “a one night stand”, nothing attached?

The good thing about it is that as the thoughts comes, they die, for I have already built a strong wall mentally, and physically against extra marital affairs whether they be emotional and physical. Another blessed thing is that I am sexually well fed by my wife. I once said in a meeting that when it comes to sex, my wife beats my expectations blue black. I have more than I wanted. However, this is it – we sometimes miss some of the single days flavour and moments where you wish to rape your woman; feelings when you thought if you didn’t kiss him, you would die, times when you wished you could in the name of love sit on him and be using style to dry hump.

In fact, I remember times that I had to dry hump on my wife’s thighs in the early days of our marriage. I really do miss that feeling. I had done it several years ago when I was still borrowing my life back from the Lord and I’ve missed the times when I felt like grabbing my fiancée from behind, making her boobs the anchor. It’s like the drive was higher when we were all single than now that we are married. So I bring you a trick to make your husband your boyfriend and make your wife your sex crush once again.

All you need do is reproduce the activities and scenarios you had as a single. The brain usually work with your mind to reproduce those feelings and today I remembered that giving my wife a video call while we were single had a way of turning me on and that comes as a result of seeing her face, hearing her voice, and seeing her classroom. Consequently, I decided to reproduce the same feeling this morning. I put a video call through to her and the feelings, the exact same sexual and emotional feelings returned. Trust yours sincerely, I decided to be dirty or let’s say nasty. I even went as far as sexting; besides na my wife.

Today is Monday and I usually don’t go to the office save for emergency situations. I stay home alone, unclad (one bad habit that I have taught my wife now, hehehehe) and decided to show her my penis. That’s not the koko of the matter; I just realized that replaying old practices brings back the highs too. So sometimes, I choose to send wifey the romantic SMS and chats as I did when single, and calls as well and the feelings usually rush back.

The good thing about those feelings is that they compel your attraction and attention on only one object; your spouse. So now, when I feel like flirting, rather than find a person to flirt with, I do that with my wife instead. Whatever the temptation is, I make my wife the object of the sexual temptation rather than a woman out there. If it is someone’s shape, rather than tell the person, I tell my wife about her own shape and how her waist can kill someone softly. But then, this trick of creating the sexual vibes of singlehood may not work unless you “fast sex.”

To get the feeling back, give a break to sex as though you were singles who couldn’t sex and do everything as if your spouse was that person you were sexually attracted to and needed badly. Doing this may seem quite difficult but here is one tip I’d give you and I’ll put it in question form; have you named it?

Many couples use codes for sex and there is a word or phrase that once one spouse says, the other partner knows he means sex/sexual activities. It is also romantic and sexy to name your genitals and other parts of your spouse’s body. It somehow personifies that part of your spouse’s body and gives it some uniqueness and dignity. So what’s the name of your wife’s lips? Your husband’s penis? Your wife’s clitoris? Your husband’s tongue etc? For instance, I call my wife’s bumbum “Fresh Doughnuts” and like you know when doughnuts are just fresh, shinning and with some sprinkled sugar and jam somewhere, that’s exactly how fresh the bumbum is to me. Also when you touch fresh doughnut and give a bite, some oil comes out and your mouth gets full; that’s how I feel when I grab those buttocks and how they respond to my grip. These feeling left me with no other option but to christen them “Fresh Doughnuts.”

Now imagine a sexual experience and I say “babe, bring my fresh doughnuts here” or I send an SMS and say “I just feel like grabbing some fresh doughnuts”. Naming the parts of your spouse’s body that gives you sexual thrill and pleasure is extra sauce to your marriage and sex life.

Thank you!

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

You Rock!

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