You’re welcome to AlrightsPassion Tuesday’s social media hang-out.  My name is kevwe Orido a counsellor at #AlrightsPassion and I’ll be tweeting on WHAT IS WRONG WITH AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP?

An open relationship is a relationship in which both parties agree that each may have sexual relationship with others.  Here both parties accepts, permits and tolerate their partner’s intimate relationship with another. It is similar to cheating because they both involve keeping multiple partners, but this is quite different because there’s an understanding between the parties so no one is sneaking around.

I recently had a discussion on this issue with a friend and he argued in favour of it reasons being that it is impossible to get everything you need sexually, physically and emotionally from one partner . And I say, it is not a matter of getting everything from one partner, it is more of wanting to derive satisfaction from multiple sources.

I understand that variety is the spice of life, and I honestly don’t have a problem with you connecting emotionally with every specie there is just to spice up your life, but when it comes to relationships, it is only rational, sensible and logical that you use one spice at a time.

When you begin to use all the spices at once then I should be worried about a confused appetite.

You have Jane because she’s intelligent, you can engage her in intellectual conversation. Then there’s Joy with well arranged bosom and backside; she appeals to your sexuality. Oh Joyce a good cook! Cooler ministry and stomach infrastructure settled. You must be ‘Dora the Explorer’. Well you’re not! it only shows indecision, greed and a confused sexual appetite.

Like I mentioned in my previous post about WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHEATING it is physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically draining to keep and maintain multiple relationships.

How do you even keep up with the logistics of more than one person’s life without conflict? That’s Hard work Man! And how do you even cope with the knowledge that you’re not your boo’s only boo without getting jealous?

Remember my friend I mentioned earlier? Guess what? He said he would rather cheat than have an open relationship. LOL…twisted right? He said so because he cannot deal with the thought of his partner with some other guy. He was being true to himself, humans are naturally possessive. When it comes to relationships there’s an ‘exclusive possession’ clause.

So even if you agree to it, still doesn’t change that pang of jealousy that comes with the thought of sharing your boo/bae

 In fact, realistically there’s no such thing as AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP. A relationship without the ‘exclusive possession clause’ is FREELANCE. So the right word should be ‘FREELANCING’. Lol

And I doubt if having multiple partners makes you fulfilled emotionally. I understand you just want to be satisfied and don’t mind having multiple relationships to achieve that. The truth is no matter how hard you try, you cannot and can NEVER get true satisfaction outside Christ.

Only God can satisfy and complete you.

Open relationship or ‘freelancing’ won’t protect you from getting hurt, it plunges you deeper into emotional uncertainty. Remember it is your relationship with Jesus that makes other relationship(s) sweet

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Orido Success Oghenekevwe (Miss) is a legal practitioner practicing in Lagos,Nigeria. She’s full Bendel with a parent from Delta and the other from Edo. She studied law at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and was the CLASFON counsellor representative to Alright’s Passion – CLASFON was a partner of Alright’s Passion from 2008-2010. Kevwe is currently a partner and counsellor with the Alright’s Passion. She is most likely to win Miss Ebony everyday! You can follow her on twitter @Ogkevs.

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