The Counsellor

She: …Was wondering if you had time to spare…I want to ask something. Relationship stuff.

Me: okay dearie…, gist me.

She: So, there’s this person, I’ve been in a relationship with, Christian, God fearing and the likes. We planned to get married soon after I graduate. Now, here’s the issue, there are certain things I feel shouldn’t be done in a relationship, like kissing, touching boobs and all those romance that can lead to sex. I know its against Biblical standards, but this person wants all this in our relationship, though not sex buh the other things. I’ve been against it ever since, buh he’s kinda threatening to end things..which I don’t mind. I just want to be sure that I’ve taken the right stand…so am I right to stop him from doing those things please?

Me: wow. I am highly impressed by your sexual stand and decision even if it means losing your “man”. But I think that’s the right decision to make. Your relationship with God and the inner peace with your conscience is far more important than one guy, any guy.

Biblically, your position is right because sexual sin isn’t just sexual intercourse, but porneia (fornication) which encompasses even immoral sexual thoughts and every sexual activity outside marriage.

Now, I am shocked that he’s ready and willing to lose you because of your lips, tongue and boobs. What he is actually saying is that those parts of your body are more important than you (the totality of you, because your sexuality is just a part of you and not all of you).

A guy is supposed to do everything to win you. And that means giving up things, even “rights” because he is a suitor, courting a maiden. If then, he is saying that you must give up rights and make sacrifices, most especially your sexual rights to win him, then, he’s no longer a suitor (he has become the one being wooed, and you, the suitor) and that’s a sexual predator


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