(This teaching was by Earl Alright on 15/10/2014 @AlrightsPassion social media hang out)

I think we need to understand why God created sex and sexual desires plus attraction in the first place. Although I have taught on why God created sex, let me still say something about it here. God created sex for BONDING, PLEASURE and PROCREATION. In the beginning, God created sex and it was good.

The two becoming one in law and most religions and cultures is not just the marriage ceremony but the first sex, the consummation. Some Christians believe that the circumcision of males and “disvirgining” of females by husbands is a blood fusing covenant. This blood covenant makes the union sacred and of the highest form of agreement.

The BONDING/covenant of sex is not once and forever made but renewed with/in every sexual activity including intercourse. Sex is mysterious. It is beyond skin on skin (1 Corinthians 6:16-20 MSG). So, the first thing God created sex for is BONDING one man and one woman together. He never intended more parties.

The second thing I believe God created sex for is PLEASURE; the ecstasy, chemistry, high, tranquilizer, the orgasm. Whoever said sex was no fun must have been a lying pastor or parent. The thing is real fun mhen. Yes, the consequences of wrong sex are extremely terrible but that doesn’t mean the act in itself is sour and bitter.

One of the things that made me give up gayism was the in-explainable thrill and high in heterosexual sex. So, it always sounds unrealistic and a lie when I hear pastors and parents say sex isn’t fun. Sex is fun, it’s just that the consequences of sex outside marriage is so terrible and sour. It’s like sweet bread that becomes gravel in the mouth. Stealing is fun, until you’re caught.

So, sex is fun. Just that, wrong sex always get sour, bitter and turn to sharp sand and gravel later. Wrong sex is every and any sexual activity outside marriage; outside your marriage partner. Being engaged isn’t a license to have sex. Engagement ain’t marriage. I gave up premarital sex, masturbation, porn etc because they’re wrong and hurt me and God.

There’s great pleasure in sex in marriage, with no consequences. Enjoy it to the fullest (Proverbs 5:18-20). Romantic/Sexual love (eros) is a powerful emotion and the pleasure in sex makes the cravings strong enough to make one sick (2 Samuel 13:2). If there were no pleasures in sex, why then will people crave desperately for it, leading to rape and abuse? Remember that sex is only right in marriage. It’s more than the physical, it’s spiritual too (1 Corinthians 6:16-20 MSG).

Sex is entertainment from the body of your spouse. Just as Love is profit from your spouse’s soul. Sex being for pleasure justifies the use of contraceptives and safe period and tricks in marriage. It justifies different styles and mode in having sex and not just back for ground (missionary/love hug style).

Sex in marriage compensates for the stress and challenges faced. Challenges like one person for life, bills, raising kids, in-laws etc. Sex is also for PROCREATION – you BOND, enjoy the PLEASURE and PROCREATE. Baba God get sense joor.  

It’s wrong to enjoy the soul of a person in BONDING, marriage, enjoy their body in sex but refuse to procreate. It’s a sin against nature and the circle of life, when you to refuse to have kids. This is just my conviction. You may argue otherwise. God minds if you deliberately refuse to have kids at all but enjoy sex. See Genesis 38:6-10; 18:17-19, Malachi 2:15, Jeremiah 29:5-7

Back to the matter

Your appearance makes an impression that matters to prospective suitors and your spouse. Do you look attractive for and to a spouse? Honestly, it’s been a long while I heard you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can and should. Honestly, no person would make a romantic move at you if s/he doesn’t find you sexually attractive. In fact, it is your sexual attractiveness that stirs up romantic feelings in your beholder.

Ladies, figure 8 isn’t a sin and dudes, 6packs and biceps are holy. Check all your Bible romance stories, the physical and sexual attraction was the first point. Abeg, judge a book by its cover. For singles, sexual attraction gets the attention and sustains it till marriage, perhaps for the hope of sex one day! The sexual attraction makes prospective spouses not to mind the challenges marriage will bring but go ahead and marry to have sex! (1 Corinthians 7:2, 36).

Dress with a conscience but please but remember Rachael, Rebecca, Esther, Ruth, Absalom (2 Samuel 14:25), Solomon and the other romance characters in the Bible. An old English saying says let your dress be long enough to cover the res, but short enough to preserve the interest. Simple: dress with a conscience. Dress appropriately and decently. Some unknowingly and erroneously hide their femininity and masculinity in a bid to hide their sexuality.

While it’s wrong to display your sexuality as it’s harassing, it’s okay to display your femininity and masculinity. Sexual attraction compels singles to start, sustain a relationship and marry. Other factors also play major roles too.

In marriage, sexual attraction makes couples settle disputes. You can’t have sex with a reconciled partner unless such sex is forced. And for you to get the pleasure from sex, the other person’s consent and willingness is vital. Although matrimonial rape isn’t a crime yet in Naija, It’s wrong. But wives should also be cooperative.

Sexual attraction keeps a couple’s attention on each other, causing longing and togetherness. Sexual attraction is basically essential for a great marriage. Physical attraction ignites sexual attraction. If you don’t look good, he or she won’t also probably feel good about you.

Sexual attraction on your spouse’s body reduces the temptation of adultery. Sexual cravings describe the type of pull Jesus has for the Church, His bride. Sexual attraction would also make you rank your spouse above your parents, siblings and kids! Although not alone, sexual attraction is a major reason to marry a particular person and stick to him/her for life. But why on earth will I, #EarlAlright marry a person I don’t find sexually attractive? God forbid oh!

Remember that it’s your relationship with Jesus that makes your romantic relationship sweet. Shalom.

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