YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO PROVE when it comes to sex and relationship. Nothing. Peers usually want us to prove that we aren’t naive when it comes to relationships and sex. They want us to show that we can ask a girl out or have sex and not freak out. They want us to prove that there is nothing wrong with us or with our sexuality. The world is always wanting us to prove something to them (even when we have already proved the whole world).

Peers are always wanting us males to prove our “malingness” by asking out a lady or having sex with a girl. They want us to even dare a masturbation competition of who can last longer. They want us to dare see porn with them or go on a drinking spree and still be a “man”. People are always wanting us to prove what we really don’t have any business proving to them.

For ladies, girlfriends usually try to make you feel that there is something wrong, something huge that you are missing from not having pre-marital sex. What a mad world we live in. These ladies try to make you feel less than a woman for not having sex. In fact, they say the only way to really “feel” and be like a woman is through and with sex. Rubbish. Nonsense

But the truth is YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO PROVE to these folks. Nothing

I mean…nothing. Let me remind you of a familiar gist, the one I believe you still remember very well. 3 times in that wilderness after Jesus’ fasting did the devil try to make Jesus prove His Sonship. Throughout His life on earth, the people never stopped wanting Him to do this miracle or show this and that sign just to prove that He was truly who he claimed to be. Even on the cross, His Messiahship was still tested. Jesus could easily have proved Himself but He didn’t.

let’s bring it home:

Dudes, some girls would want you to prove that you are actually a man, that your penis actually works by trying to arouse you to get an erection or demand sex. Babes, some dudes will want you to prove your virginity or love for them by having sex with them.

Always remember that you’ve got nothing to prove to them. If they can’t believe you on surface level that you are a man or a woman, be sure that they would keep on daring you to do what violates your conscience, your God and your sexuality every time. It’s either you are proving one thing today or defending another thing tomorrow.

Solomon, King of Israel, a son of David is world renown wisest man and he advised that if the wrong people entice you to do what’s wrong, turn your back on them (Proverbs 1:10). This aforementioned dude had 1000 women at his call, so he knew what he was saying. He had trod the wrong part and knew how terrible it was before realizing himself.

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked (for people who love and enjoy to violate God’s moral and sexual principle and also want you to join them, are really wicked). See Psalm 1:1-3.

Evil communication has a reputation of corrupting good manners. Solomon had a brother who was a confirmed idiot. some people are fools while some others are advanced fools; idiots. Although Absalom was the finest man in all of Israel, he is just an example of the fact that beauty aren’t brains. You can be so cute on the outside and yet, so dumb on the inside.

All of his folly was because he tried to prove that he was the king’s son to Jonadab (his own cousin o). And because of that, he raped his sister, which later led to his death.

My friend decided to listen to his peers. hahahahha. A very funny story. The boys teased him that he couldn’t dare ask a girl out, so this my guy decided to prove that he was a man. He walked up to the girl, delivered his lines but got a slap in return. hahahaha

You know the bad thing about trying to prove your sexuality to your friends? Only you, and you alone get to suffer the consequences, not them. Not them. A partner of the Alright’s Passion has a funny past that seems to make her shake her head every now and then. While in school, she tried proving she was a woman to her roommate and ended up following the wrong sexual advices of the friend. Today, she is a pastor’s wife of a big international church and one of the dudes she had sex with then, in trying to prove that she was a woman to her friend, is currently a mad guy on the streets. Just imagine what happens to her every time she gets to see the man?

You’ve got nothing to prove. You don’t have to prove that you have a big and long penis or one that is not impotent. You don’t have to prove that you are a virgin or that you can blow a man’s mind out. You’ve got only one job sexually, and that is to please God. And the way to please God with your sexuality is to have sex the way He prescribes; with your wife or husband. And when you truly marry a person who dearly loves you, you would realize that you really don’t have to prove anything sexually.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright. You Rock!


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