My friend has been confused about Big Brother Naija. So last night, he decided to switch to it. Five minutes later, he started hissing up and down. My bae explained for about 1 hour two nights ago how BBN doesn’t empower after the show; Efe is nowhere on the globe for anything. Then I said: BBN and BBA is just like the university. They really don’t give you opportunities outside there. They only give you exposure. What you do with your exposure is your headache.

But let’s trace it. I remember killing myself to watch the first Big Brother Africa. Local stations aired it until the Senate banned it. Remember? But after then, I wasn’t crazy about it; I realized people only were excited about fights and sex. No wonder Cee-C (and T. Boss) has many fans. Now, I believe the reason why people say it promotes immorality is because you can have sex and go in bikinis as much as you do.

My question: Which university did you attend? Because in my school, people had sex outside, in shops, in cars, in night classes, etc. And people didn’t dress better than they do in BBA (let’s not talk of BBN now). Well, if you like, dress anyhow, I wouldn’t notice you exist.

Why? I don see tire. Then, when I see people complain of BBN, it kinda irritates me. Let me explain… I am not commending or vetting the show. I am not praising or recommending it. All I am saying is that watching it or not is your choice. You made the subscription… The remote is in your hand. You aren’t forced to watch it. You don’t like something, avoid it.

We haven’t fought that our country should not have beer parlours. Or brothels. Or clubs. These are people who disturb our nights with their noise and liter our streets with their bodies. Yet, we are spending the energy to criticise a channel you aren’t forced to watch. We are like those parts of the world that women cover fully, ban TV shows, yet, they have almost the highest rates of sexual immorality, adultery, rape and bisexuality and homosexuality. See, unless I enter a place and see BBN on the screen, I don’t think I have gone there myself up to 3 times this year. And that’s because I feel it is a boring show. No wonder Cee-C catches my fancy. She always scatters that routine!

So even all the BBN I know is based on clips, gist and glimpses. Like seriously, why will I switch to BBN when CBS, SONY MAX, NAT GEO WILD and FAITH AFRICA never shut down?

I think BBN reveals our society: people wanting to do things not because that’s what they would have done, or who they are; but who they must become to win votes. So they lose themselves. They try to become what people want. That’s what happens every day in our communities…

We dress to win votes.
Talk in certain ways to win votes.
Form big boy or big girl to win votes.
Date to win votes.
Have sex to win votes.
Lie to win votes.

Many of us are living fake lives to win votes. When everyone shows up on the show, you see their real selves until eviction starts. Then automatically, you see people switching behavior (to win votes). So Teddy tells Bam Bam to behave like so and so, that she was pretending. Bam Bam switches personality, even has sex but still goes home. In life, the moment we show up, we are real!

We are we:
Until mom and dad tells us to do this and that to win votes. Teachers tell us to do this and that to win votes. Then we become teens, and we need to switch personality to win votes from peers. We become adults and try to form this and that to win votes from our friends so that they don’t think we aren’t successful. In fact, some of us are on WhatsApp group chats, not commenting or ‘gisting’ as they would on a regular day with their friends… Just to win some votes.

Guess what? Even the people we are pretending and changing for don’t really care about us. If you are real, maybe as crazy as Cee-C, they may tolerate you. If you are ‘forming’ to please them like Bam Bam, they wouldn’t still vote you. If you are pretending, they would still not vote you. In fact, the story of T. Boss of last edition and Cee-C of this edition shows that even if your real self is crazy, people will like you for being genuine.

Now, if people say BBN is useless and sells immorality, what is the difference between BBN and our communities? What is really different? I have shared on social media many times why Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood aren’t relationship counsellors. The media is mainly a mirror. What a mirror does is show you what it’s reflecting. It really doesn’t modify the image to what you want or what you like. BBN is showing us what happens in our campuses and our communities. BBN is just a mirror.

Stop complaining about the mirror. Complain about the image reflecting on the mirror. There is no difference between what is happening on our campuses and what’s happening on BBN. There is no difference between what is happening in our communities and what’s happening on BBN. BBN is just a mirror!

And don’t forget that the remote is in your hands. If you have a problem with a channel, switch. Don’t watch and come here and be complaining. Besides, Africa Magic is not less immoral than BBN! And we aren’t shouting(yet). Instagram and Facebook aren’t less immoral than BBN but these people are using the platforms to complain against BBN… I laugh.


My name is Earl. And I am Alright.

You Rock. I just roll.

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  1. I totally agree with you… what we see in BBN reality show is no different from what we see in our society. It is better we address the societal problems than antagonizing the show

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