I still believe that purity of mind and body before marriage is the right ideal. But it is not a formula for a happy marriage. It is simply a guiding principle that has to be applied with wisdom, grace, and often forgiveness. -Mike Farris

 Before I ever saw the above quote or read up the piece from where I extracted it from, I was thinking on the wisdom shared by Mike Farris. I was at my goddaughter’s place and carried her. We were strolling round the compound. I looked at her at one time and asked myself “how can I make the world a safer place for this girl?” Then I remembered my son, Acorn, too, and asked myself “how can I make the world a safer place for him, too?”

 Okay, I have always thought about how I could contribute my quota and make the world sexually and romantically safe for my friends. And that’s what’s on my mind!

Adam and Eve were husband and wife. However, if you asked Adam who his daddy was? He would have answered God. If you asked Eve the same question, she would also have answered God. So, in essence, they were siblings. Follow me. Abraham married his Step Sister. Isaac married his Cousin. Jacob did the same thing. So, their relationship wasn’t only about marriage, but also blood!

Don’t miss my gist, don’t get it twisted. Imagine if I had to have sex with every girl that aroused an erection in my penis. Imagine if you had sex with every guy that caught your attraction for those days you were wet like River Benue. Think!

I realized that the best of Romance and relationships, and also the best communities whether they be religious or socio-cultural or tribal are relationships where everyone sees the other as a sister (we simply say “na my brother, na my sister” when the person comes from the same tribe, church, school etc).

The leading romantic book in the Bible is Songs of Solomon. Its rating is that of Mills and Boons, and in today’s language, it would be XXX. If you have ever read that book, you would realize that the lovers referred to themselves many times as “my brother/my sister”.

I have really seen cute and hot babes in this season. If you have ever been to a big hospital (UCH is my case study) and you see all these fresh-fresh Nurses, Doctors and other paramedical students with their knee-length, to fit uniforms and gowns, mhen, you would know what I am talking about. Being a public speaker and teen counsellor has also exposed me to fresh budding ladies and fresh young people. But then, something always rings:

Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters. -1 Timothy 5:2 NLT

 I usually don’t read the younger into the scripture. I just use treat…women…. So, even when a girl is tripping on me, I know she can’t have all of me. She may have my attention, money and body, but I am already totally sold out to wifey. So, whether she is older or younger, whether she is the one crushing or I am the one liking, I remember to treat all women like my sister.

Imagine if we treated every guy out there like our brother? And treated every girl out there as our sister? Just imagine! Automatically, there almost would be no rape, Heart break, Emotional abuse, Sexual abuse, taking advantage of any one, etc.

So, how do I make the world a safer place for my goddaughter, who I named Purple? And for my son who in his righteousness is like an Oak tree which the Lord has planted for His own glory – Acorn? By simply making them a sibling of everyone else! That way, no one would hurt them with love or with sex or try to use them with money. That way, everyone out there would respect them, their relationship/marriage and not flirt with them. That way, they would threat others the same way, too.

I end with this;

Could you be a great sibling to my goddaughter and son, and also to everyone out there, most especially when it comes to sex, romance, relationship and marriage?

My name is Earl, and I am Alright

Would you rock with me by making this world a safer place for the opposite sex?