Let me begin this way, when I was quite young I asked my elder brother a question
Why is it that women are always the ones cooking in the home?

He said he believes that as man evolved and social responsibilities where developing, different roles where being assigned to members of the family, the woman was best suited to handle the cooking roles. Take for example, in the era where men where predominantly hunters, the men would do the hunting and bring the game home, The wives as helpmeet steps in and does the dressing

In an era where men went to war, women took care of their homes.

Then times began to change; now women have begun to develop capacity “I mean” you have women in military fighting wars, several women as pilots, as consultants in different fields of endeavour and trust me they are busy!

How then can the woman balance the career life with the domestic responsibilities?
The man still appreciates a woman who can cook good food and carter for the needs of the home. If she’s high and mighty outside he expects that she should be humble, meek and nurturing at home.

I understand that the first responsibility of a woman is to her home. But most women are exhausted! The nagging and crying is because the burden is enormous. The work is not lighter for the women in the office neither is it workover at home.

How then can she cope?

Here are my 2cents
1. Ask for help from him. if he doesn’t cook and doesn’t know how to light gas, he may be able to assist with cleaning let him do it;

2. Don’t kill yourself. By this, I mean to let somethings slide especially the chores you can do tomorrow. If you break down from exhaustion it will cost your family more to get you on your feet again than to get a cleaner to handle the washing;

3. If you can, cook in bulk and store. This ensures food is always in the house. I know ….NEPA wahala shey? It’s everywhere. Just cook weekly then, a cold freezer powered by Gen can help prevent it from spoiling;

4. Shun side talks and social media hullabaloos. No two marriage is the same. Do what works for you and keep your home. No fighter on tweeter or Facebook will be there when you are settling quarrel in the family meeting;

5. Take time sometimes to rejuvenate. Don’t be a mama all the time, sometimes be a baby girl😜

Written by: Wema Ajayi Ebireri