Have you ever heard “All men are (potential) cheats”?
Do you know what my response to this statement always is?

Follow me…
Many Christians believe that we are spirits who have souls and live in bodies. These bodies have been classified by some as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, putting us in the class of mammals.

Sex is not of spirits. Spirits do not reproduce or have hormonal activities. Consequently, sex would not have any purpose for them (unless for solely pleasure if at all they have sex organs and can have sex).

If you are a Christian, then the first purpose of sex we can see in the Bible is for procreation. Other purposes like for pleasure, bonding (and the two shall become one), recreation and health reasons are additional benefits of sex. Many philosophers and great religious thinkers agree that the three most powerful desires humans have are:
Money, and
These three things seem to dominate everything we want in life (that patterns to life and even godliness).

In essence, these desires are of humans, not male humans, not man humans. If we think males want to have sex more than females, then we may be very wrong.

The only biological reasoning why some females may not want to have sex at particular times is the psychological fear of getting pregnant. Some evidence shows that once females can deal with the issue of getting pregnant, they are more aggressive about having sex than their male counterparts. The rise of sugar mummies who have reached menopause and the multiplicity of sex goddesses in our history corroborate this.

In understanding my response to “are all men (potential) cheats”, we must first understand that God made man, male and female created Him them. So, the question becomes who created “men” and “women”? This is that point when you go back to your primary and junior secondary school notes, the concept of sex versus gender. It is my argument that God created the sexes (male and female created Him them), but we created the gender (she shall be called “woman”).

If men are more adventurous and outgoing for sex than women, it is because our culture made rules and laws forbidding women to be “normal” females. So, we forbid them to say they have had sex with more than one person even though it may be true. We compel them to marry as virgins but remove that yardstick for men. We shame them for adultery but call the man’s side-chick a concubine.

By our biological nature, if you remove the fear of pregnancies and restricting cultural laws, females wouldn’t also mind having many sexual partners like their counterparts (males). So in essence, we all want to have sex: more sex, more adventures, more explorations, more partners. We are only held up in some religious, moral and cultural boundaries. Take them away and “all men are (potential) cheats”. The “men” here means “all humans”.

Have you noticed that there has been a rise in discussions on female sexuality than that of males? I mean, sex toys are sold more to women than men, we have more female sex counsellors (in Nigeria) than men (as it appears).

Every female is a sexual tiger, religion and culture are what has made most women sexual cats. In partial conclusion, it is my argument that “All men (males and females alike) are (potential) cheats” What differentiates us are just our social and religious morals, ethics and values, and not our sexes.

A male is not more likely to fall into sexual temptation than a female, naturally. What makes the difference is that gender role and expectations hold one back but cut the other some slack.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.