First, let’s always remember that marriage is team-play so everyone is supposed to be pulling every resource together to make the marriage work. Most importantly, we shouldn’t forget that a couple in a marriage have more say over what happens in their marriage than any other person.

In answering the question “IS MY MONEY MY MONEY AND HIS MONEY OUR MONEY IN MARRIAGE?” I would want to ask “what is the financial rule or your marriage?” for this is more important than any counsel that I will give.

Couples are supposed to reach an agreement and have binding rules (which must not be rigid to bend and amend when need be) on how money should come into the marriage and how every money that comes in should be spent.

So if the agreement in your marriage says that “your money is your money and his money is our money,” who am I to tell you something else? The trick in all this is to have a family constitution (which we could help you draft) that would cover almost every aspect of your marriage and the agreement you too have reached on those particular matters.

Anything you as a couple agree to which works for your marriage should be used. If it ain’t working, let it go and find what works. As much as possible, couples should have at least, a conference every quarter to review the marriage, family, all their policies and also agreements that are not working.

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation)

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

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It is your relationship with Jesus that makes your romance sweeter.

You rock!