Books and Romance; the Synergy

I feel for counsellors, professionals and non professionals alike. Many counsellees lack wisdom and this is giving us more work than necessary. I am still on the #ReceiveSense2016 series because all what many people need is just sense (wisdom).

Many counsellees lack basic sense. And that lack of wisdom is what’s causing all the kasala. Last week, I talked a little bit on how important prayer is to your relationship. I majored on the effect of your relationship with God on your relationship. We concluded that it is your relationship with God that makes your romantic relationship sweet. And that the better your partner’s relationship is with God, the better his/her relationship with you. Obviously too, the better your relationship with God the better partner you become in your relationship.

Today, I just want to let you see why you haven’t been doing well with relationships. Not just that, and to show you how to do relationship better. Many people want to really do better in romantic relationship but just don’t know how. I know how. And today, my goal is to show you just how you can do better.

It all gets down to GET KNOWLEDGE. In another way, we could say GET HELP from books.

In counselling, I’ve met many adults above 21 who haven’t read a single book on relationship before. And some of these people have been in more than one relationship. Lord have mercy!  They are the ones that get crushed, broken, burnt and instead of blaming themselves, they blame love. To such persons #iDeclare today, #ReceiveSense2016. Stop being “mumu-ish”. These are the folks that sing love is wicked and all wo/men are the same. Receive Sense jare.

Most of the issues you face in romantic affairs are just because you don’t know what to do and how to do it. First agree to that. You may have 1st class in law, but that can’t ever be converted to 1st class in “romancelogy”. You’ll still need to know, then learn the basics of romance and grow in them.

This new year alone, I still have met adults who expect all women to behave the same or be like men. Sorry to disappoint you; all wo/men aren’t the same. And men and women can never be alike.

You don’t know better to attempt doing better; Such wisdom from knowledge well understood. Accept you aren’t that smart. Go get knowledge about romance. I don’t care whether or not you are like the fools who believe they don’t need to read on relationship. I don’t care if you foolishly believe that the authors aren’t you or can’t advice you properly. To be more in your romantic life, to do and enjoy better, read more books, more!!! Sorry, not more romance novels and magazines written by somebody who is more concerned about entertainment and sales.

First start from reading about yourself, sex, gender, love languages and birth-order connections. Possibility; you don’t even know yourself. Even outside romance, all those who read more, know more and do far more and better than others. Stop fooling yourself and hurting yourself. Go read about wo/men. You don’t know Jack about them.

My advice is simple; if you wanna do and enjoy better, go read about relationships. No wonder you keep complaining your partner doesn’t know you and you can’t explain yourself either. In one word: #ReceiveSense2016 to know you don’t know Jack and immediately start reading to know.

A healthy relationship isn’t by intuition or instinct, it’s by wisdom. It’s so different chatting with a girl/boy and chatting with THE/THAT girl/boy. There’s a way to talk in relationship. There’s a way to do everything. It’s a skill that is learned, practiced and mastered. Stop doing try and error. Stop using your heart to play kalokalo (gamble).

Your emotional life is worth more than what a gambling dice will coincidentally choose.  Simple, do yourself a favour and in the least, read a book on relationship/marriage every quarter.

It’s your relationship with Jesus that determines if your romantic relationship will be sweet or not. Focus on the major. You think you can communicate just because you know how to discuss football or gist fashion? nah. Communicating sports is far different from gisting love, romance, money, family, sex and  God.

May you find knowledge available and grow in understanding, wisdom and grace in Jesus name.

Thank you for spending this time with us on #AlrightsPassion #PrayingTuesday. You rock! You can chat with me on WhatsApp 08125086798. Counselling is free.

Don’t forget that this is our year of Chuckling (for singles) and cuddling (for married). You rock!

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