People say laughter has no language. Some others say that laughter has only one language. Well, when a person is addicted to masturbation, trust me, it ain’t a laughing matter. One lie we (men) are told about masturbation is that it would help our penis grow longer and bigger. Yet, I do not know any compulsive masturbator that has up to a 10 inches long or 8 inches girth penis. However, we cannot help a person who doesn’t want to be helped or a person who believes in lies.

To last longer, use masturbation to practice.

This is true until you enter a honey pot. Uncle, you would cum become before the minute hand of a wall clock makes a move. Rather, what is more prevalent is bruised, injured and ruptured penises. So, instead of getting fatter and longer penis, you begin to lose some never endings to scars. No wonder the more you masturbate the less sensitive your penis becomes.

When you masturbate, it’s just you, you don’t feel, hear, smell and see the other person, so the odds are against you when you have sex with your spouse. It is like using your backyard, 30minutes every day to practice for a FIFA standard football field for a 90minutes match. You go wound!

The best way to practice sex and learn any sex trick is with a real human, your wife. YES, because most compulsive masturbators are either timid, have low self-esteem or have lost hormonal drive and passion to find and bond with a human mate. So they can masturbate with Rihanna in their mind but would not be able to ask Ngozi for her name even though they are seated next to each other during a picnic.

According to Dr. William Masters, one of the proponents of the 4 phases/stages of sex, “true maturity of relationship comes about when men and women understand that sexuality is something they experience with each other” and that sex is not what we do to another person or what we do for another person.

I think males usually feel that sex is what they do to women while women on the other hand usually feel that sex is what they do for men. This mentality never helps a couple’s sexual experience.

Sex does not need rehearsals. If you want to rehearse how to last longer as a man, learn that with your wife. Masturbation and vagina sex are too distinct from each other.

Masturbation would help you avoid premarital sex.
The answer is TRUE and FALSE. FOLLOW ME.

NO, because many of those who masturbate find it more difficult to say no to sexual temptation when the girl is all out for them and may be guilty of rape of domestic staff and children under their care.

Masturbating would help you develop the stamina for many rounds.

Mbok, go and ask the wives of those who are compulsive masturbators. Na dem. Na dem dey sleep pass!!

So in case you are thinking that Masturbation would better your sex organ and sex life in marriage. Uncle, you are on your own. Better do something about it now.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

You Rock!