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Let’s clarify the question by breaking it down.

Who is a Christian?

He is a person that believes and worships God through Christ, having accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour via the born-again experience, and living his life by Jesus’ teachings and Bible principles.

What’s kayamata?

Also called Kayan Mata means belonging or pertaining to a woman. In essence, it means a woman’s property/things. Kaya means property/load, and mata means wife. It is a Hausa word. Kayamata more particularly means all the things that women use in enhancing their sexuality to attract and keep their husbands

Kayan Mata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey. –Aisha Salaudeen

These are but herbs which have the effect of an aphrodisiac on the woman to make her sexually respond more properly and appropriately to her husband in a bid to make him have a special experience and enjoyment with and of her. Islam in northern Nigeria is not up to 500 years, so this custom is not “Islamic” as it predates the religion itself in Nigeria.

Kayamata is mainly used by married women (and about to wed brides) for the pleasure of their husband. It is a practice that has lasted in northern Nigeria for about 5 centuries (500years or more). The products are gifts mothers usually give their daughters at marriage to help them please their husband sexually. Well, it also includes grooming the vagina with herbs to be well lubricated, firmer, tighter and smelling nice. We understand today that medically, it is best to let the vagina be in order not to negatively cause an imbalance in its PH. Kegel exercises and other things would always help make the muscles firmer.

There is nothing particularly diabolic about this custom, although we know that man, wanting to always appear spiritual, usually get spirituality involved in many things he does. Also, humans have always mixed spirituality with their practices and activities, so one way or the other, many people have added magic to their kayamata. However, in itself, kayamata is not spiritual or diabolic. You would agree with me that there is nothing diabolic or spiritual about foods eaten at bukas and special pepper soup joints, however, some of these people have been known to go diabolical to make more sales, woo more customers and retain patronizes. Well, even Christians, fast, pray, sow seeds, use anointing oil, break bread to have the same effect in their business.

It’s man’s nature to spice up his life and things with some spirituality.

Remember that “kayan Mata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey.” So kayamata isn’t only about the vagina but about the totality of a woman’s body. It is a “concoction/cocktail” of herbs which is ordinarily not diabolic in itself.


Can a Christian use kayamata?

Why not?

Oh, because it is made by northerners who you think are predominantly Hausa and Muslims? Hahaha

Follow me

We all use many products by Chinese and India Bhudists in our homes. We have products in our homes made by atheists. So calm down.

Nowhere in the Bible are we forbidding from using products to enhance our sexuality. If we have to suck (only) our wives breasts, then she has a duty to make her breasts constantly appealing too. If we have to drink only from the wells of our wives honey pot, then what is inside there ought to always be honey and not some used-up engine oil from a diesel plant.

Christians can use products that are not diabolical or have a negative impact on their health. I am sure those folks in Songs of Solomon were high on something.

Once again, kayan Mata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey, and this isn’t diabolic or sinful in itself.

If people can add charms to their restaurant foods, boutique clothes etc, why can’t and wouldn’t they add it to kayanmata? But that doesn’t mean that every restaurant or boutique add charms to their products.

What was used on Esther and the other maidens for one year before the defining night in winter with the King would probably pass as “kayanmata.” Esther got the right ones obviously.

“Before each young woman was taken to the king’s bed, she was given the prescribed twelve months of beauty treatments—six months with oil of myrrh, followed by six months with special perfumes and ointments. When it was time for her to go to the king’s palace, she was given her choice of whatever clothing or jewelry she wanted to take from the harem…. When it was Esther’s turn to go to the king, she accepted the advice of Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the harem. She asked for nothing except what he suggested, and she was admired by everyone who saw her.  Esther was taken to King Xerxes at the royal palace in early winter of the seventh year of his reign.  And the king loved Esther more than any of the other young women. He was so delighted with her that he set the royal crown on her head and declared her queen instead of Vashti.”Esther Chapter 2

I feel many people get things mixed up –

There is a difference between a native doctor and a witch doctor although both of them use herbs. However, would you say because most of the “native doctors” you know are witch doctors who are contracted to cause evil and they do so through herbs, then using herbs is altogether wrong? Would you say because people abuse alcohol then the use of alcohol in medications, preservation of cakes and the likes are wrong? Would you say because some people wear magical waist beads, then wearing of waist bead is totally wrong?

Would you say that because many witch doctors wear dreads then caring of dreads is wrong?

It is wrong for any person to just (generally) say that the use of kayamata is wrong and diabolical. What you are to say is that the use of magical kayamata is wrong. That was why I made it very clear that in itself and originally, kayanmata isn’t diabolic. We have the responsibility to tell people the whole truth and that is, not every kayamata is diabolic and that kayamata that doesn’t cause any health risk should be used.

 Here are the risks.

Just like everything that is good, there is a dark side to kayamata when used on and in the vagina. I love trado-medicine and have used it many times since I can remember, but when you don’t carry out lab test to know what the problem is and what medication is best, you risk the health of the patient. So using those substances inside the vagina may not be so healthy in the long-run. Some unwanted residue may remain, the vagina PH may be greatly affected, and other childbirth complications and risk of cancer exist too. Usually, we counsel people to only use lubricants that are water base for their vagina, and not to use any other thing down there unless their Gynecologists counsel so.

For the purposes of making more profit, some kayamata makers are suspected to mix risky substances in their mixture.

Generally, there is nothing wrong in using substances, including herbs to boost your sexuality, most especially as kayamata is a custom practised by married women or about to be married brides for their husbands, not boyfriend or “fiancée.”

If you asked me, I would say use every kayamata outside of those that have to be used inside your vagina or take orally. Also, you may want to do away with using the other forms of kayamata unless you know the person making it to have integrity and is also an expert in it. Most of all follow your doctor’s counsel.

Let’s talk about waits beads a little –

A girl who wears waist beads for the pleasure of her husband is actually wearing kayanmata taking our definition of kayamata into consideration. There are many girls who wear waits beads. My wife wears a waist chain and it is not magical. I told her I loved waist beads and would want her to wear some. However, because she doesn’t like waist beads, she got a waist chain and I am cool with it.

The reason why people use diabolic means to boost things is that in itself, those things are powerful. We wouldn’t say people should not eat at restaurants again because many cooks use witchcraft.


Kayanmata simply means kaya (load), mata (wife). It literally means a wife’s/woman’s property. Once again, “kayamata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey.” Even if you don’t add any spirituality to these, they are natural ingredients for aphrodisiac

Many northerners have more than one wife and do not have time for plenty of foreplay to make their wives wet enough to ease penetration. So a lubricant is made from herbs to make penetration less painful for such women. In reality, if a woman decides to get KY Jelly, she would have gotten a form of “kayanmata.”

Manufacturers know that what men want to smell in women is different from what women want to smell in men. When ovulating, women’s bodies release scents that sexually attract men to them. Scientists are able to replicate these pheromones in perfumes and say it is for women. So when women use them, men are attracted to them. When the local herbalist in northern Nigeria achieves this through local herbs, it is called Kayanmata.

In the real sense, anything you use or take or wear to have your husband sexually attracted to you falls under “kayanmata”.

I want to show you some of the things I grew up believing at first. Yes, some religious folks once made me believe that those who wore waist beads where mami-waters and ogbanjes. We were made to believe that beads are from the marine world. Yet, those who condemned beads were wearing them for their marriage and funeral ceremonies. I also wondered why I couldn’t wear cowries and make something beautiful from it. When I got into university I made a chocker myself from snail shells and the likes

I remember believing that black-soap was magical because the people who sold it in my community were Yoruba women who also sold magical and diabolical things. You needed to know how I felt when I saw packaged magic in Dudu-Osun.

I also had the belief that olive oil was anointing oil. So when people used it to cream their body, drink it to ease an upset stomach and even use it in cooking, I felt they were using magic. It was later I realized that Olive Oil was oil, and that it only became anointing oil when hands were laid on it and words were spoken over it. “Kayamata consists of various components ranging from sweets, lubricants, perfumes, makeup, herbs, sweetener powders and spices. The ingredients have evolved over the years, but typically, the products have a base of honey.” Once you add magic to these things, it is no longer Kayanmata but juju. That is where people are getting it wrong. Juju is different from Kayanmata. One is produced from herbs and other items, the other has words and hands laid on it to bring spirits and supernatural powers into the herbs.

Can Christians have the Calabar Fattening for brides? (topic for another day)

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