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My name is Earl and I am Alright. Welcome to the 3rd session and 1st Day of Seven of the #AlrightsPassion THE COUNSELLORS. My responsibility today is simple, to show you HOW TO LIVE LUST FREE. It is simple. Allow me show you how.

Many people who have sexual lust as an issue do not know. Others who know seem to excuse it. I believe those who excuse it do so because they erroneously believe that they can’t help it. Some others accept that they are guilty of lust but are tired of being unable to overcome it.

Today, allow me show you HOW TO LIVE LUST FREE because it is so, so possible.

Let’s start from understanding LUST. It’s is a strong unhealthy, unbalanced craving and desire for a thing. And the thing lusted on could be money, fame, a thing, or even a feeling. Sex could also be lusted for.

This is the #AlrightsPassion which is helping young people with sex and relationship issues through diverse means. Because of that, I would be focusing on sexual lust this Sunday 17th April evening.

I have been guilty of lust in the past. In fact, I’ve dwelt there before. I know how it feels to be caged in there. Sexual lust is craving a sexual activity and pleasure that God has taken off your limit. So if God says that premarital sex is wrong, it is lust to desire and wish to have premarital sex. You may say that is rebellion. Yes it is. Lust is a form of rebellion.

Lust is craving for what you can’t ordinarily have at a particular level in life.

It is lust to desire another person’s boo or bae. It is lust to sexually desire another person’s wife or hubby.

It is lust to crave for sex even from your fiancé(e). Hey, don’t confuse lust for sexual attraction o. Sexual attraction is seeing another person as being sexually beautiful based on physical looks. Sexual attraction is an admiration of a person’s sexual shape, figure or what we may call vita statistics. It is far different from wanting to have the person sexually or stripping the person with your eyes and mind.

Lust leads to masturbation, premarital sex, rape and other sexual vices. It’s important to live lust free. To wish to have sexual activity with a married woman is equal to adultery, Jesus said. What it means is that adultery isn’t only about actual sex but also the desire in the heart for it. I think the same rule applies for and to fornication. Or what do you think?

There are many ways to live lust free and I would give you some links at the end of the day to help too. However today, I just want to share with you 3 simples ways in which you can live lust free.

FIRST: Agree that you are lusting. Any person who doesn’t see the problem can’t see the solution. When I was a teen, going through sexual therapy, my counselor made a statement that I’m yet to forget. She said the worst thing is to lie to yourself. So friend, regarding lust, don’t lie to yourself.

Don’t excuse it away that you can’t do something about it or it is natural or normal. You definitely don’t want somebody else looking and thinking about your boo/bae like that. You surely do not want somebody stripping your significant other in their minds.

So agree that you are lusting, and that sexual lust is wrong and you need to correct it immediately.

Now, if you don’t agree to this, there is no way you can accept medication (counselling/help) which I want to offer.

SECONDLY: Stop thinking about it. Yes, you may have already seen him/her, I know. But stop day-dreaming about him/her sexually. You can do it. Simply fill you mind, your thoughts with other things by getting involved in another activity. And you know what that would do? It would distract your mind from wanting to have sex with him/her.

Paul advised you fix your thoughts on what’s true, honourable, right, pure, lovely and admirable. That’s what you are supposed to do every day, every time. You know it’s not honourable, right and pure to crave sexual activity with a person who isn’t your spouse.

You know.

So don’t give me the looks or shrug or ignorance.

You know. And that’s the main reason why you wouldn’t want any person look at or think about your bae/boo like that.

Don’t go back to your seat, bed or car thinking and wishing if only you could just kiss her or hug him. It’s is okay to be sexually attracted to him/her, but what do you do with the attraction? If it is to crave for her beyond God’s moral limit, then you are wrong.

THIRDLY: Guard your heart with all diligence for, from out of it flows out all your actions. I’ve seen people who say they masturbate to avoid premarital sex. You’ve met them too, right?

However, I’ve not seen any that was able to resist when faced with real sexual temptation. They fell like a pack of cards, crumbled like dominos. And theirs is nothing you do that was not first accepted in your mind. You thought about it first.

You didn’t just first think about it, you also concluded on it. That’s why you did it.

Trust me, even reflex actions are premeditated. So guard your heart with all care.

The way to guard your heart is to guard your five senses. They are the different gates into that place. Build a way like Jericho that only God can be the only one that can breach it. Let it be that it is only God and your spouse that can break through your guar. Not even your boo/bae.

China famous walls were never scaled. But their gate was breached more than ones. Troy had great walls to, but it was their gate that was also breached to bring down the city. So also it was for Benin City and her moat.

Friend, to guard your heart is to diligently guard all your security, your five senses. It is beyond avoiding porn but also avoiding those late night radio shows that corrupt sexually. You better change your circle of friends, those that are always talking about wrong sex. They corrupt.

It is also about, if necessary, avoiding that handshakes and hugs. It also includes avoiding alcohol and other arousing substances. It could also mean avoiding that perfume and the likes. You just have to secure every inch.

Now, the less wrong sexual content you have in your mind, the less sexual behaviors you’ll exhibit. I wish I could go on and on, but my time is up and I must allow you sleep, but know being lust free is possible. Being lust free is possible. Very possible. Even Job with all his wealth said he had never lusted at a person. Not one. In chapter 31 of his book, Job said it is evil to lust after another person sexually. He wasn’t guilty, his conscience was clear and God boasted of and with him to the devil of his purity of heart and deed.

Friend, relax, it is possible to live lust free. I pray for you right now that God give you the grace and wisdom to live lust free in Jesus name. Always remember that it is your relationship with Jesus that makes your romantic relationship sweet.

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