I thought it was just about Ephesians 5:25, loving my wife as Christ loves the Church. That way, I can limit the love shown her to how much I understand and experience how God loves the Church. I hope you also remember Jesus in John 13:34 saying “love them (including your wife) as I have loved you”? Well, I would have still brought up a lot of argument, that is what lawyers do.

However, I knew this was not a joke when Colossians 3:17 (NLT) instructed that whatever I say or do must be done as a REPRESENTATIVE of God. It’s means I should forget my feelings opinion and convenience on the matter. That sounds crazy for those of us who are very opinionated. To make matters more interesting, 2 Corinthians 5:20 (NLT) opens with “we are God’s ambassadors.” It means I have lost total freedom of personal expression before my wife, I must act on God’s behalf. I don’t have my own speech, opinion or decision. And I must regularly report back home to God how much and how well I have REPRESENTED him before wifey. Chei.

Today, I have one lone issue for determination, and that is “whether or not I properly represent God to my wife.” Well, before God delivers His judgement on the lone issue, I need to take an adjournment on the ground of insanity. I obviously have not been thinking well.

See you on the next adjourned date.

©Earl Alright