If you pay attention to only the complaints of women on premature ejaculation, you would think that they are the only ones that get hurt and unsatisfied by the one-minute-man. You would also think that the men don’t care because they reached orgasm by evidence of ejaculation. That is so far from the truth. However, the anger and frustration of women is valid.

There are two (not all the) frustrations the man suffers:

  1. He also gets frustrated that he could not last as long as he wanted. Yes, contrary to popular belief, ejaculation (orgasm) does not automatically and directly mean sexual satisfaction for men. Sexual satisfaction has to do with the mind AND body. For many men, most ejaculations are just Body without the Mind (he wanted to last longer).

So, he misses the joy and pleasure of lasting longer, trying out different styles and also seeing satisfaction on his woman’s face.

  1. He gets unhappy, depressed and suffers from low self-esteem because he is unable to give his woman sexual satisfaction. He sees himself as the cause, the reason why his partner is not satisfied and frustrated, and feels guilty for it.

Every male (animal) is biologically designed to impress the mate by showing off his physical and sexual prowess. The one-minute-man cannot do this. Just imagine his pain.

Some studies show that this is one of the reasons for marital rape and some acquaintance rape. Some research also shows that the inability to sustain erections make many males very aggressive. Some have been so angry and killed the victims they couldn’t successfully rape.

Yes, I understand the pain of women when a man couldn’t last just long enough to satisfy them or help them reach orgasm. I understand how annoying it could be when the sex was not convenient for you in the first place. However, kindly note that this vexing is mutual.

If you are a man having issues with premature ejaculation, contact a sex therapist or your doctor.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright.

You Rock!

©Earl Alright