Rich Men vs Poor Men Online Reviews

I had seen a Facebook post during the week where the Marriage Counsellor counselled that all the fun things we wish to do with our spouse after the kids are gone should be done now. The post was to the effect that if you don’t spend time and efforts being husband and wife and dating each other now, by the time you are done with being daddy and mummy, you may realize that there is no longer a “marriage.”

Coincidentally, that evening, wifey mentioned something like “ah, when these boys are grown, we would have time to flex” and I was like, “no, we would start doing so now”.

Consequently, we decided to visit one restaurant our friend had talked about, and the friend added that it was an expensive restaurant. We chose it because we felt the more expensive a place is, the better the ambience of the environment and the food. Besides, we wanted to start rolling with the wealthy to see the picture and hear the sounds of what we wanted to become, too.

So, we chose the said restaurant. We didn’t mind expressing milk down for 10 months old Kyland. Two grown ladies were home to babysit him and his brother, Acorn.

However, the moment we ordered our ride, the Holy Spirit initiated a conversation in my mind. It was about another restaurant that was topnotch in a very amazing location. I have observed that it was not usual to see folks trooping into the place. It must be very expensive to have few customers with the kind of structure and exterior decoration plus its central location. So, we rerouted our ride to it.

Wifey was like ” if it is too expensive, I may just get angry if the food is wack. So, think twice.” This prompted me to check the restaurant on Google and saw two types of reviews:

Those who praised the location and their food, and those who were angry with everything and did not say one good thing about the place.

Interestingly, I noticed that all those who complained about the location also mentioned how expensive things were (they did not miss it). However, all those who praised the place did not mention anything about the prices of things.

It was then I realised that all those who complained were poor and all those who praised were rich. This was the proper place to go to. The romance in our marriage was worth an expensive place. Yes, if we had visited our regular family and dating restaurants, we most likely would not have spent about 1/4 of what we spent but wifey kept on saying “I love this place.” She still commended the date this morning. We were dining and wining with men and women, multinationals and different races, and not noisy, showing offs “Yahoo Boys.” Besides, no beer is sold on Saturdays and smoking was embarrassing to the smoker in such an environment with such calibre of people.

While there, we quickly set up a financial structure to fund such necessary, recommended, and mandatory date nights for our marriage; our marriage is worth such an expensive place for our couple-date. Before the kids, we were.

This is what I want you to pay attention to; when checking out reviews online, detect which one is by a poor man and which one is from a rich man. Once a place or something is expensive, a poor man would be blinded to everything good and argue that he can get the same item/service for a cheaper fee somewhere else. Rich folks would not complain about the fee because it is just normal and usual billing. If they don’t like the food, they would not shout, they would either complain straight to management or internally decide not to try that menu again or visit that place again. But poor people will cause a scene and go online to hire a supporters club.

Poor people go to a restaurant with the mindset of fast food. They complain the food is delayed and argue that the drinks are too expensive. They frown when you relocate them and would almost refuse to leave after finishing their food.

I am glad I am thinking and acting like the rich. Poor people wahala no dey finish.

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