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Good evening sexers, how has the New Year been? I was chatting with one of us today and I discovered she’s been breaking frames sexually and getting better. This year, to make your partner enjoy sex better and for you to have the best moments, you need time to sit, ponder and reflect on your sexual desires. What are your sexual wants, needs, fantasy etc and be very realistic to evaluate your current sexual results. What is currently happening between you and your spouse? Take note of your results by placing your current sexual experiences against your sexual desires and ask your partner to write same, then exchange notes and have a heart to heart discussion on the findings. This discussion may lead to on the spot pussy and dick communication. The result is, both of you now start to know the desires of the other and unconsciously and consciously it becomes planted in your mind the very sexual needs of your partner. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your feedbacks.


Your eyes are a very powerful tool that could speak volume to your partner and many of us use this tool to most times ask people to stop hurting us or communicate. However, only few have been able to unlock the sexual power the eyes hold. If you notice, majority of us get to know when someone is watching us even from a very far distance, but we can also sense that another person’s eyes is on you at the same time. If you turn at that moment, you may truly ‘catch’ someone staring.

When my son is trying to do something he knows I may not agree with, he tries to test the waters by looking at my eyes to decode if there’s any warning and if I pretend as though I’m not bothered, he’ll continue. That’s without verbal communication, and at times when he does something wrong and I gaze in a way, he says sorry without me saying anything. This simply goes to show that there’s communicative power through the eyes. The eye is a reflection of what is being processed in your mind. It’s not just part of our sense organs alone but a communicative mirror that pictures your mood and emotions.

This is why investigators or detectives make sure they keep eye contact with suspects because they’re trained to capture the truth from the eyes instead of just focusing on what the mouth is spilling out. Please note that a guy or lady can bring you down sexually with the eyes.

There’s a way I disarm my husband with my eyes. It’s a subtle but powerful way of negotiating, and when I’m angry, I avoid looking into my husband’s eyes before I become a fool. There is a way he will roll his eyes and I’ll forget what I was angry about so in order to state my cause clearly, I AVOID THOSE EYES and you may hear “wait first, look at me it’s a trap oo.” LOL. Don’t look when you are emotionally and sexually connected to and with someone who isn’t your spouse, your eyes speak fire and thunder.

If you’re sensitive enough, you can tell when your partner is dying to touch you. One of the reasons some fall into sexual sin is the power of the speaking eyes. The mistake wasn’t even the kissing; it was the raw hunger expressed through those eyes that pulled them in. When two lovers look into each other’s eyes, there’s a spark that gives birth to chemistry and intense feelings and opens up an unspoken line of communication.

Through those eyes, you could vow to be forever committed to your partner. I remember when we were courting, my husband said “Stop looking for me with your eyes, you’re distracting me” Meanwhile we weren’t together in terms of proximity and jurisdiction though same hall. All I did was search and watch with my eye but he sensed it.

Your eyes can help you achieve a lot in your marriage and you must learn to use it efficiently. When kissing, try to look into your partners eyes. I know some of us close our eyes immediately, but consciously try to speak love and desire through your eyes when kissing. During sex, don’t close your eyes all through. Promise your love and body to your partner through your eyes. Tell him or her how much you appreciate them through your eyes. A guy can make a woman climax also through the eyes by disarming her with that strong erotic feeling by letting her see adoration.

A woman who is very sensitive about her body may be looking for acceptance. You can make her relax with your eyes without telling her she’s beautiful and perfectly built for you. The only way to achieve this is to make sure your mind is connected with your partner as your eyes will do justice to the transmission. I’ve witnessed people cry just by looking into the eyes of their partner. The emotion they decode is usually overwhelming so they burst out crying and try to look down or look away. All you need do is to hold them in place and speak words like “you’re special to me”, “I cherish you”, “I love you etc gently”. One assurance I can give you is that you have finished the matter as those words will be engraved in their memory forever.


  • Look into the eyes of your partner and express your love by pledging your allegiance with the aid of a soft kiss. In doing this, don’t yield into temptation to close your eyes. Just keep looking and kissing and you will find out the sex after this may be emotionally more connecting and fulfilling.

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