In every man is a little boy who craves for attention, validation, pampering and compliments.
There are good men, not perfect men.
No man is perfect and has everything going for him. Weaknesses must be and vices are intrinsic in human nature.

Therefore, when your man despite his failings, work hard or put in efforts to make you smile, reciprocate with appreciation. Where most women get it wrong is feeling a sense of entitlement in a relationship. The moment you feel entitled, everything becomes a right and that kills appreciation and gratitude for his small or great efforts.

Learn to appreciate even the little things, no matter how inconsequential, then watch him do bigger things because his ego was pumped with a complimentary word, a peck, a tight hug, or promising wet kiss as he left for work in the morning.
He’s not wealthy like your friend’s hubby, but he buys bread every evening or he always comes home with something, it is worth appreciating.

Stop comparing him to another man. Destinies aren’t same.
Support his efforts and grow with him. He is not rich, but he takes care of you and your children. He may not give you luxury but he gives you comfort and emotional stability, love him for it.

Most men are always under alot of pressure and tend to carry the tension home. You can imagine a stressed up man coming home to face more stress and unending bickering. It can make even the most controlled man run mad! If he’s very cultured, he’ll simply avoid you and stop coming home on some days.
Sometimes, just listen to him vent, hug him from behind and give him a glass of wine. You may not understand the jargon he said but you can offer him comfort.
When was the time he laid his head on your laps? When was the last time you saw him cry? Is he comfortable enough to show you his vulnerable side?
Romance your man. A little match can ignite a fire that will renew your passion.Slip him a note into his pocket telling him one thing about him that makes you crazy as he’s going out. Send him a crazy SMS that will have him rushing back home into your arms. Call him up and just whisper I love you to his ears only and not another word. Write a love letter to him (when was the last time you did that).

Tell him sweet nonsense. Words are strong, words are powerful, words can make and break. Use choice words and make him feel loved, like a king.

For Pete’s sake, take your man out with your money!! Let him enjoy your money small. Take him out on a date to a nice classy restaurant, go to karaoke and sing your favourite songs together, lodge into a hotel and spoil yourselves silly. It doesn’t make you stupid that your man ate your money, it makes you a woman who knows the value of the “good” man in her life.

Violence, bickering, nagging, fighting has never solved any problem. Negativity never brings positivity. Since all have failed, try love. Use your feminine power. Employ subtlety. The unassuming woman understands the secret of feminine power and wields it to her advantage.

Most times, when people suspect juju, it is the man reciprocating the wife’s affection with so much love that the world becomes amazed.
To receive love, you must give love.
For most relationships, this is the answer. Fan the embers of embers of romance again and watch your man eat from your hand.
If you have a good man, have an understanding of his weaknesses,compliment him, appreciate him and love him, perhaps he’ll make a decision to dump some vices to make you happy.
God bless good men.

Lawry Chioma