Some folks never bought a book or attended a paid training, leadership, or mentorship course last year. Some have never on their own paid any dues in school without calling on their parents, yet, as Valentine is coming, they are saving to buy one dress, cologne, lingerie and even money for a hotel to celebrate Valentine. Dear mumu, abeg, your mumu don do, #ReceiveSense.

The most painful one is that some of these boys do not pay house rents or light bills, to refill gas na even wahala because they are squatting or still doing mummy’s boy, yet, they are saving to wow one other mumu like them this valentine.

Chai, some are even on pills and using substances to make their penis firmer and bigger and to make their boobs and vagina tighter. Chai, you dull sha. Well, this is period when shaving stick sells the most, so all those who have been dirty like shit for the last 1year are going to be as neat as Virgin Mary now.

Uncle, aunty, forget it, no matter how much you choose to pimp your body now, your head is still very dull. Ordinary to hold body before marriage, you cannot. Kukuma marry, no. Continue o. We would share your tales by moonlight.

Better Receive Sense now and start making proper sexual decisions. Sex can’t prove love. If it does, ashewos would be the best lovers. Sex can’t keep anybody. If you cannot celebrate Valentine without your boobs, pussy and dick, then there is something definitely wrong with your sexual mastery and self-leadership. Call for help, please.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright. I am in my office, come and beat me.