Sex is something personal; it’s an experience. Over the years, many people have confused vaginal sexual intercourse to mean sex. Whereas, sex means everything that gives sexual satisfaction and that includes vaginal sex, oral sex, sexting, telephone sex, and cyber-sex, mutual masturbation (fingering, hand jobs and the likes). What a man wants during sex is beyond what I want during sex as sexual desires are not gender or sex based but rather individual based.

In reality, we all; males or females, men or women want sex. And deep down, we want something particular. This is what makes our sexual needs different. The only common thing with us all is that we want sex. But how we want it, where, when, how and with who varies a lot. Be mild with me, I would try not to tell you what I, Earl Alright wants during sex but what many men generally agree that we want during sex. We (men) all want –

  1. Active Participation.

Surprised? Don’t be. A man wants sex, all of it. Many men are willing and eager to have sex as often as three times a week. Yes, they want it in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights. They also want it in the shower, back seat of the car, and if possible in the office during lunch break. Remember that sex is not what you give a man, it is not what a man does to you, and it is also not what he gives you. For sex to be real good sex, then it has to be a shared experience of the husband and wife doing and giving sex to each other. This forms the basics of every other thing to be shared in this magazine. Sex is not a seminar where Mr. A comes to make presentation and is applauded for. Nah, it is a group project – a picnic. Men want you to be involved as much as they are involved. They want to be sure that you are actually there and as passionate as they are and not just lying down like a log. See friend, sex is not a tax, a burdensome tax that you have to pay to the government (your husband). The moment your husband senses that you are allowing sex out of the wife duties, it turns him off, big time. Your willingness to have sex and expressing it is key.

  1. An Earthworm.

Every man loves to have a very expressive woman during sex. It boosts his morale and ego when he knows that you are really getting and flowing with his vibes. So, the moaning is welcomed. The grabbing, pulling, groaning and biting are amazing. Men want to be touched. They enjoy their wives’ touch; they want their wives to touch their chest, neck, ears, inner thighs, face etc. You can also stimulate the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus. I don’t know how your childhood was, but if you played in the sand and ever put salt on an earthworm, you would know that the twisting, shaking and sporadic movements of the worm are priceless. Your man wants to see his wife in Celine Dion’s “when you touch me like this, and I respond like that…”

  1. A Whore

History shows that the best sexual experiences where those in which the woman took the lead during sex. Have you noticed that all the gods of sex are feminine? Have you also paid attention that the time when your husband gives you the most thrilling and priceless expressions during sex is when your ride him with Cow Girl, Edge of Paradise, blow job and other sexual acts that makes you the one in charge? Everyman loves his wife during sex determining the style and speed of the rhythm. They want to share their sexual fantasies with their wives but are afraid of being condemned or judged.

  1. A Commentator

We didn’t have a TV as a kid, but we had a radio with which we followed live matches. If you don’t like football, ask those who do, Radio commentators can make you think that the ball is already in the net when the opponent has only crossed the centre line. Every man loves a woman who talks, giving commentary on the sex – telling him how big, wonderful and powerful his penis is. Verbalizing the experience as e dey hot is so dope that a man would always want a repeat of the experience.

Remember that sex is not supposed to be an act but an experience. So ask yourself the simple question of “how can I always make every sex an adventurous thrilling new experience for my husband?” That is what a man wants during sex.

My name is Earl, and I am Alright

Photo Credit: Kevwe