Today, like every other day, I dare to answer questions that your pastor may never have preached on.  Today, I want to answer WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING SEXY? and I Hope you don’t get bored.

Let’s clear the misconception and see meaning of the word SEXY from the dictionary and from contemporary usage.  The word SEXY is an English word, so let’s see what www.dictionary.com has to say about it:

(1) Concerned predominantly or excessively with sex
(2) Sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexually…

In everyday Nigeria usage, it means to be sexually irresistible, appealing and hot. It is to be sexually attractive, inviting, dressed, behaving, etc. Remember there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your femininity/masculinity. It’s only wrong to flaunt your sexuality.

A sexy look from the above definitions would be being dressed and appearing sexually attractive, ready and inviting.  And being sexy could be in speech, looks/appearance or in behavior. Another word that may fit sexy behavior in our everyday usage may be FLIRTING. It could also be tagged “teasing” on guys and “flattering” on women.

It’s a pity that many young people use words and terms they’ve never checked up their meaning(s). To be beautiful and stunning is being beautiful and stunning and it’s different from being sexy. Being good looking, dressed appropriately and being attractive is way different from being sexy. Therefore, it could be embarrassing and harassing to say someone who isn’t advertising his/her sexuality is sexy.  It could be arousing to ask another person, usually of the opposite sex if you’re sexy or not.

This perspective may not make sense, at least, for now. But please, don’t mob me yet. I’m sure you won’t publicly address your pastor of the opposite sex (or their spouse) as being sexy. And neither would you feel okay to hear your political or religious leader refer to a person of the opposite sex as being sexy.  I am sure you won’t dare address my only sister as being sexy before her dad and 6 brothers; you go explain hahahahaha

Don’t forget He has made us kings and priests unto our God and king (Revelation 1:6). So what a pastor or National leader cannot do on the basis of morality and ethics, we also may not be able to do same. The fact that a thing is being accepted (almost) generally by all doesn’t make it correct and proper.

If you aren’t making reference to the person’s sexuality, use another adjective; not SEXY.  Beautiful, handsome, radiant, gorgeous, pretty, stunning are more proper words to use than SEXY.

If it doesn’t have a sexual under-tone, don’t give it a sexual under-tone or theme. That will be wrong.  Don’t sexualize everything. Looking good and beautiful is not the same as looking sexy. In the actual sense, it is offensive to describe a person as sexy when he or she isn’t flaunting their sexuality.

Acting or dressing sexy is flaunting your sexuality.  And if the remark is to and for any other person other than your spouse, you’re wrong. That’s live pornography. That’s sex abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, embarrassment and offensive.

Let people get attracted to your looks, person, character – your inner beauty and not just your sexuality. Yeah, sexual attraction is good, very good. But it ain’t okay flaunting your sex parts on the streets just because you want some attention. Surely you would get the attention; some licking of lips and cat calling.

Most people who dress and act sexy have low self-esteem – no inner quality or beauty to flaunt to attract you. Hence, they flaunt the only thing they think they possess – their sexuality. What a pity to flaunt it just because you’ve got it.

To them, outside their sexuality, there’s nothing else worth being attracted to. It is so pitiful.  They know that sexuality easily catches the attention of the opposite sex, so, they flaunt it sexy. Even if it’s only their face that will show in the picture, they will pout. Pouting is sexual. Check oxforddictionaries.com

They don’t mind dressing in an attire of a harlot or male prostitute (Proverbs 7:10 KJV). They wouldn’t mind using flattering and sex provoking and arousing speeches and sexting. They are desperate. And did you know that being sexy could fuel lust and masturbation in your “beholder?”

Always remember that it is your relationship with Jesus that make your sex and romantic life sweet.

God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation). You rock!



  Photo Credit: Orido Kevwe Success