Whitney Michelle asked on Rant HQ on Facebook:

“Why are men loosing (sic) interest in settling down?”

And I attempted a response thus:

Simple; men have lost faith in marriage. Marriage now seems to be a tool through which women and society uses them. They no longer see any special or unique benefit which marriage offers them.

I say this often that if Christians (and other religions) can have holy sex outside marriage, most men will never marry because we have not made them see any benefit in getting married apart from sex (which many are still not getting sufficiently sef). This applies to women too. However, we all know that women enjoy more social and economic benefits and security through marriage than men do.

The question is, what does marriage have to offer a man? What are the special benefits this union will bring him that he cannot get being single?

He would face the bills and stress and may suffer divorce and lose everything to the woman. He may train all the kids and later discover it was all a paternity fraud. “We” have bastardized marriage so badly that mehn, although marriage is sweet and awesome like my own, many do not have sufficient good examples of marriages out there around them to want one.

So, these men are asking what marriage has to offer a man and unfortunately, most people are not bothering to answer them; they are rather attacking them for being selfish, self-centered, stingy and the likes.

Worse, marriage (the cost of having and running a family) is now too expensive (and this is caused by the world economy and societal value systems of what and who a man must be to his woman and kids). So, he wants to hammer so that he can make money and have the respect of a woman and be able to handle the bills that come with being a husband and daddy. Yet, the world economy is against him.

Until we make him feel that he has a lot to gain through marriage, he would always think that marriage is what women and society use in scamming him.

So, let me ask you, what does marriage have to offer a man beneficially?

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