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Since July 6, 2008, Alright’s Passion has operated as a volunteer professional and non-professional Christian faith-based sex and relationship counselling organization. Our professional counselors are those who have professional certifications in clinical and non-clinical counseling and therapy services, while our non-professional counselors are those who have pieces of training and experiences and do religious, social, and community counseling.


As a Faith-Based Organization (FBO), we teach and preach Christian truth on sex, relationship, marriage, family, and mental health matters that are applicable in the local contexts, ensuring that our theologies and doctrines are both true to the Bible and relevant to the local culture.

All we do in counselling is assist people in marshalling their strengths so that they can confront and deal with their lives effectively.


Our Tagline:
Christian network of sex and relationship counselors and therapists.

Our Vision:
To be the biggest multi-cultural network of volunteer sex and relationship Christian counsellors and therapists, helping people through diverse means; ensuring that our counselling is balanced, culturally relevant, and accurate to the Bible.


Our Mission:
To help people resolve sex, relationship, family life, and mental health matters through counselling and therapy.

Our Objectives:

  1. To be a not-for-profit voluntary association of sex, relationship, marriage, family and mental health Christian Counsellors and Therapists;
  2. To be a multi-cultural network and association of volunteer sex and relationship Christian counsellors and therapists, helping people through diverse means; ensuring that our counselling is balanced, culturally relevant, and accurate to the Bible;
  3. To be an association where her members can connect, educate, and support each other in achieving respective and collective counselling and therapy goals;
  4. To be a para-church ministry with the goal of preserving won souls from sexual and immoral decay, and also ensuring emotional healing and mental wellness in the body of Christ;

We do this through:
a. Social media groups
b. Breakfast/Physical meetings
c. Conferences
d. Pic-nics
e. Romance Café Podcast
f. YouTube Videos
g. Live videocasts/streaming
h. Blogs
i. Vlogs
j. Diverse multi-media means
k. One-on-one, group, and community counseling sessions

Our Core-Values (PACB):
Community, and


Our Departments:
1. Romance Cafe
A platform where people can meet, learn, receive mentoring, get direct support and counselling in sex and relationship matters.

2. Flesh to Flesh
A platform where people can meet, learn, receive mentoring, and also get direct support and counselling in sex, marriage, family and parenting matters.

3. Counsellors Network
A network where counsellors educateconnect and support each other to achieve individual and collective goals as sex and relationship counsellors”


Our Products:
1. The Counsellors
2. Romance like God
3. Praying Tuesday
4. Glans and Clits
5. Premarital Counselling
6. Patricia
7. Sexual Healing
8. Sex and Pastors
9. Vanessa
10. Romance Cafe Pidgin Podcast
11. Me, Sex, and Life 
12. Romance Café Breakfast Show


1. #AlrightsPassion
2. #PrayingTuesday
3. #RomanceCafe
4. #Flesh2Flesh
5. #TheCounsellors
6. #30sCounsellor
7. #SexAndPastors
8. #SexualHealing

Our target audience:
People of all ages, races, tribes, nationalities, and religions.


How we finance our projects:
Through voluntary donations (including but not limited to offerings and tithes), membership fees, and registration fees.

How we get counselors:
Through a direct request to us in written form or a direct request from us to the proposed/prospective counsellor.


How we counsel:
We counsel through best known professional and ethical counselling practices which could either be private or group sessions. We also minister to people through the power of the Holy Ghost where such is requested and required.

All counselling through Alright’s Passion is in line with the Bible and the civil laws and customs of the counsellee. However, one-on-one or group counselling sessions with our counsellors outside an Alright’s Passion programme/platform is based on the rules and terms of the counsellor’s private and corporate practice.

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Eigbe Alright Osajie, Esq.
(Earl Alright)
Lead Counsellor

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  1. Good afternoon
    My Name is Vivian, happy valentine to alright passion.I love what I read about alright passion and I really need to know more or how to get one on one counseling concerning marriage. Reason is, my marriage is barely 2years but I can’t boast of fulfillment in it,and I’m having the thought of quitting my marriage for so many reasons, I’ve had alot of emotional trauma, lost my self being abused of all kinds. Please I really need help how can I get to meet one of the therapist for counseling. My life is complicated already and I want to right every wrong in my life this year especially my love life to enable me fulfill God’s purpose on earth.

    Thank You!

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